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A Deadly Tradition 

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To the editors:

How appropriate that the article on the Arab documentary ("Swept Away," November 12, 1999) appeared at the same time Mrs. Yasser Arafat repeated the age-old Christian/Moslem canard that Jews are poisoning the water and the air of the non-Jews and a few months after Edward Said's "remembrances" of all he ostensibly lost to the Israelis in the 1948 war of independence was proven to be false.

The timing may have been coincidental; the over 2000-year-old message was not. Troubles? Blame the Jews using the Big Lie.

While some Christians are beginning to apologize for their multimillennial slaughter of the Jews, the Christian American Friends Service Committee, the film's coproducer, is continuing this deadly tradition. Interfaith in action.

The Blair Witch Project is a documentary of blazing truth compared to this one.

Ethel C. Fenig

N. Washtenaw


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