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A 'Baum for the Spirit 

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I avoided seeing Boys Don't Cry for months, got the feeling it was "Movie of the Week" propaganda or something like that. I remember reading about the story in the press when it actually happened and thought a movie about the subject silly. When I actually saw the film I was taken aback by the liberties it took with the facts of the story. I searched and searched for reviews of the film that acknowledged this twisting, no, "tweaking" of fact. As usual, I had to revert to my man Rosenbaum to put the film in something of a proper perspective. I no longer live in Chicago. I reside in New York, and although there is a plethora of engaging film commentary to be read in this city, I still have to hit the Reader film section on-line to get a dose of Rosenbaum. His reflections upon film breathe. He has a temperament worthy of an artist and does his homework, which is more than you can say for many of the people writing about film. Most of what I read about Boys Don't Cry had no acknowledgment of its relation to the actual story even though there were books, articles, and even a documentary relating the facts done previously. Yet again, thanks.

Douglas Singleton



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