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Re: “The RIAA's most wanted

Let's get one thing straight! It's all about the one bottom line: The almighty DOLLAR! o.k.? Don't sit there and cry to me about how the artist is getting the shaft because of people downloading their stuff for free! Now, I know this can be tricky, ESPECIALLY if the artist/musician/band actually puts out their music/product independently, and this is their only means of survival. (I.e. putting food on the table, keeping roof over head, paying bills) Their concerns about getting ripped off are legit. I'm an independent musician so I understand. It was the major labels, and the international music industry that wanted this shut down, so they decided to go after Megaupload, and use them as an example/scapegoat. They didn't like that such bills like PIPA and SOPA were killed on the congressional floor, and they are deathly afraid that other countries will NOT sign on to ACTA which is an INTERNATIONAL version of PIPA and SOPA. And when you have people like Will. I. Am. Busta Rhymes, et al, putting out music that is exclusively available ONLY from Megaupload, and giving the music out for free, then the powers that be feel very threatened. If anybody knows ANYTHING about how the retail sales of C.D.s work, and I know most of you DON'T, then you know that basically the musician/artist/band/songwriter in question make no more than 25 cents or every song on the C.D. that gets sold. The REAL money comes through licensed air play either by radio, sattelite, or podcast. Artists can even rake in more money if they allow their music to be used on television. (Think The Who and C.S.I. or Feist and her "1-2-3-4" song to sell crappy automobiles) I artists/musicians/bands aren't lucky enough to garnish air play in any way shape or form, then they have to go out and make money by being on the road constantly performing concerts. If you've ever done that, then you know how quickly the burn out factor can settle in. That's why that which was a hot commodity last year is a virtual unknown this year. Here today, gone tomorrow. The fact of the matter is that Megaupload has been hung out to dry on some very flimsy predications and for very dubious reasons. The end result is now all the other file sharing sites are running scared and quaking in their boots. Filesonic is now a "Members Only" site, while Rapidshares and Mediafire have deleted files out of fear that they may be sited for copywrite infringement. And now a law is being circulated through congress allowing internet service providers to actually SPY on people who might download what might questionably be copy written material. Not only is it harder for people to find out of print music to down load for their collection, you know might be considered a criminal if you DO find what you're looking for and actually download it. You could be charged w/Piracy. what was widely available for download last year is now virtually impossible to find today. Wake up people we are losing our freedoms, and we will all be in prison very soon, just because we wanted to down load a long lost Frank Sinatra album for our great grandmother's birthday.

Posted by adam Rebelius on 03/20/2012 at 10:47 PM

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