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Re: “Lightfoot proposes reforms that would make life easier for thousands of Black and low-income drivers

Yo, Indictrahm,

An ad hominem attack?

I thought you were better than that. Can you stay on topic? They are your words, maybe your definitions differ from mine. You define them.

Once more: permanent victim class; too lazy; nails, braids, rims; hard-working (although your original post did not include the hyphen)

And if you read and understood my previous post, please point out the passage where I refer to you as 'whitey', and understand I didn't write, "you are racist", but asked whether your terms were racist code speech. Ergo, the request for your definitions.

But you have certainly shined a light on your mindset when you write,

"Once again I tell the truth and Im called a racist."

If it's true that I'm not the first (although I hadn't), maybe the shoe fits.

So you're a Macho Man, too, huh? Want me to say it to your face? Are you sure you want to come to my neighborhood?

How does 3510 S. Michigan Ave. sound?

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Posted by Ralph J. on 07/31/2019 at 6:58 AM

Re: “Lightfoot proposes reforms that would make life easier for thousands of Black and low-income drivers

"permanent victim class"
"too lazy"
"nails, ..., braids, rims.... "
"hard working taxpayers give these lazy types"

Racist code speak much? Or just hellbent on denigrating ones not like you?

permanent victim class--is that the group who is always complaining the government owes them because those before them were ripped off by whitey? You're not drinking that kool-aid, are you? Unless reparations have been made to the Natives, they will have to get in line, no?

Or are they the ones alleged to have caused (thanks to government rules) the financial meltdown because they couldn't qualify normally for a mortgage, and defaulted? (C'mon, there aren't or weren't enough broke-@ssed people to cause that.)

too lazy--is that any more lazy than the fitness center participant who parks in the lot as close to the door as possible, even though the extra steps are fitness-related?

I'll point out, too, that any car owner living in this city for any length of time knows the ticket-boot-tow-sale routine of the city. One may think that after the big splash of ink during Richie's term, the city had mended its ways; in reality, the best the city could do would be to lengthen the tow-sale duration.

One other point I'll make is that anyone involved in illegal activity like dope or guns won't park illegally if doing so attracts attention.

nails, braids, rims--really? C'mon, most with straight hair ain't braiding; anybody with rims ain't risking those to the city.

hard working--are hard-working types of a certain pay level, job description, or hours per week? or are there hard-working taxpayers earning minimum wage? Does the physically-demanding, highly-skilled, or high-paying nature determine what's a hard-working occupation?

Or does that phrase "hard-working" imply that the browns, blacks, red and yellow aren't?

I'd like to think most jobs are of the hard-working type, especially considering the prospect of the annual performance appraisal.

Maybe we should look at this another way. I didn't read the city would completely forgive what's owed by low-income scofflaws, just that the city might correct its mistakes, and restructure how what's owed gets repaid.

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Posted by Ralph J. on 07/30/2019 at 6:07 AM

Re: “Lightfoot proposes reforms that would make life easier for thousands of Black and low-income drivers

"What's the incentive to park legally?"

The incentive to park legally is to keep one's money, and not give it away to the city with its money-wasting ways.

Hey, the cost of one ticket can buy how many beer 12-packs, bottles of wine, or restaurant meals? Have fun with your money, don't give it to the city, unnecessarily.

"These same people make up the majority of residents of the city."

Is the majority of city residents low-income, unable to pay parking ticket fines? Considering the host of attractions, volume of restaurants, and visible activity in many neighborhoods around the city, I think not. Perhaps that's all the result of suburban visitors?

Regarding the duplicative city sticker ticket, how many (or what percentage of) parking tickets are handwritten? Is there a way to negate an attempted duplicate?

What's the city's cost to process a duplicate ticket? Even over a 12-year period, how much do 20,000 duplicates cost?

And duplicate ticket writing violates city code? Just like busting people for small marijuana possession after the city's decriminalization.

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Posted by Ralph J. on 07/27/2019 at 10:35 AM

Re: “OGs vs. the Johnny-come-latelies: the 2019 mayoral race

A decent general discussion, less specific on all candidates (too unwieldy), but pointing out issues of several.

Hope the Reader continues the possible series, so that it includes discussions with others, say, for example, a conversation with the Tribune's Blair Kamin with regard to Sterling Bay and the development of the A. Finkl site.

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Posted by Ralph J. on 01/27/2019 at 7:34 PM

Re: “The new doc F*** Your Hair tells the story of 5 Rabbit Cervecería's inadvertent Trump protest

F*** the illegals? Or the ones who allowed, welcomed, and/or encouraged them to come, and keep coming?

How many blind eyes were there, over the decades, that kept them coming? How many employers were perp-walked in front of the evening news cameras for hiring illegals?

I remember being told of labor issues in non-union workplaces back in the day (pre-1950), where illegals were used as a bargaining chip by employers to keep the pay scale low.

Anybody remember the days when older employees chirped "speak English" at some newer hires?

I remember Reagan-era meat-packing workers (illegals) who couldn't make a workers' compensation claim for suffering repetitive-motion injuries.

Does anyone remember the Salt Lake City Olympic games, where "our friends to the south" were thanked for their help? I believe Mitt Romney was put in charge of its preparation after it seemed there were delays jeopardizing its completion deadline.

Trump, to his credit, and like his predecessor, asked for an immigration bill. It's still MIA. That do-nothing Congress (since the Clinton or W. days?) is still in charge.

Previously, Ryan & Gutierrez shopped around a House bill that went nowhere close to a vote by the Senate. And the Senate crafted one that the House never acted on, IIRC.

We've been needing an immigration bill for so long that there's an acronym for illegals' offspring, who should be U.S. citizens, no question.

The last I heard, the 9/11 perpetrators did not enter the U.S. via Mexico, and I'm willing to bet that the percentage of criminals crossing the border now is not appreciably different than any other prior time.

But since 2016, according to Trump, it's a national security issue? Those crossing the border are more criminal now than what's here and home-grown?

Kudos, to a local microbrewery, to say, in their own way, "we're not gonna take it".

And Chinga Tu Pelo! Cheers!

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Posted by Ralph J. on 01/24/2019 at 8:52 PM

Re: “Tired of solicitations from big nonprofits? We have just the solution for you!

Call me old school, but I don't think the pay for many top executives at large corporations and many nonprofits is justified.

I wonder whether those top executives make enough day-to-day decisions that improve yearly the entity's bottom line in a major way.

In the case of nonprofits, I wonder whether they've improved their operations sufficiently to need to beg less from someone like me, a less-than-$40K/yr earner.

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Posted by Ralph J. on 12/27/2018 at 6:19 AM

Re: “Governor Rauner vetoes a tax break for Englewood while offering billions to Amazon

Based on some of the above comments, I can't help but add:

I've heard "Listening is a skill." Obviously, so is reading.

". . . it would encourage municipalities to set aside undeveloped land in low-income communities to be farmed."

Encourage municipalities, undeveloped land, low-income communities. Got that?

'"The bill gives local control so each municipality can write its own regulations."

Local control, each municipality, own regulations. Understood?

"On April 25, it passed the house. And on May 23 it unanimously passed the senate."

Passed in both houses, unanimously, in the senate. Any trouble with that concept?

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Posted by Ralph J. on 09/08/2018 at 1:43 PM

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