I'm a high school teacher in CPS, and I'm a proud Union Delegate of the CTU.


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Re: “New data reveals impact of being lawyerless in Chicago eviction court

That's funny. Whenever it rains, the people who can afford an umbrella stay drier than those who can't. I guess if we want to help keep people dry, we should pass legislation providing everyone with an umbrella whenever there is rain.

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Posted by Shorty Lee Lowe on 09/15/2017 at 8:58 PM

Re: “In the face of rising evictions, legislators continue push for repeal of Illinois's ban on rent control

Boy, I didn't see that one coming, IAC. You're against raising the minimum wage, against unions, against ending corporate tax subsidies, against a progressive income tax if the wealthy have to pay more, against public education, and against providing those who live in poor neighborhoods with the same services found in wealthier neighborhoods. Oh, and you think the wealthy and corporations should have a greater say in how our government works because, well, they have a lot of money. Brilliant!

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Posted by Shorty Lee Lowe on 09/11/2017 at 4:42 PM

Re: “The Illinois school funding ‘compromise’ smells like Democratic betrayal

"I think what you are overlooking is that at least some, if not all or more, of this lost money will be offset by extra tax revenues that CPS receives from people who end up not leaving the city. . . ."

And we shouldn't overlook all the other possible future economic benefits. While we're waiting for this future increase in tax revenue, which I think we've been waiting for since 1980, but I may be wrong, some the city's youth will keep the city's economy humming: the service sector will have a pretty large pool of low-skilled labor at its disposal; the criminal justice sector will have its hand's (and pocket's) full; and the gangs will have a steady stream of possible employees/customers.

"You of course mention TIFs again, though actually this time you didn't really use them to act as if it was a place to find money to solve all of CPS's funding issues as you have many dozens of times before."

This is how IAC works. No one has ever suggested that ALL of CPS' funding problems would be solved after TIF reform.

Think about what IAC is implying: if reforming TIFs won't solve all of CPS' financial problems, then TIFs won't be used at all. Let's see how this "logic" would work in another context: if a bi-weekly paycheck won't pay all of a month's rent, then paychecks won't be used to pay a month's rent. Just brilliant!

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Posted by Shorty Lee Lowe on 09/02/2017 at 2:51 PM

Re: “Does a socialist alderman from Chicago make Daniel Biss’s gubernatorial ticket any more appealing to Illinois voters?

Before I meet my demise, I hope to witness the day when people come to understand that democracy is not an economic theory. Democracy can be paired with either socialism or capitalism. Framing the choice as being between democracy and socialism is propaganda.

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Posted by Shorty Lee Lowe on 09/02/2017 at 2:05 PM

Re: “Some Italian-Americans in Chicago say they ‘fiercely oppose’ renaming Balbo Drive

"I'm sorry, but there just isn't enough room in history museums to display everything that everyone says belongs in a history museum."

I'm glad the author didn't claim it was "raining cats and dogs." IAC would have had to explain how that is an impossibility.

"What one needs to look at is whether the monument really should be viewed in a historical context, like an object in a museum, or whether it should be viewed as if it is an expression of agreement for what the person stands for or represents."

Interesting framing. Given what we know and where we are as a culture today, shouldn't the monument's current context be considered?

"For Christ sake, it was put up BEFORE his bad acts that he was famous for."

Bad argument. "We were going to remove this monument to [insert name], but it was erected before he killed [insert number of victims], so we're going to leave it up."

"When people at all pay attention to the statue (most people, of course, don't) they realize that it basically is a minor piece of history and not anything about what the city is currently attempting to convey about anything."

Let's imagine someone coming across this monument for the first time. She probably has a smart phone, so she looks up the name on the monument. "What the! Why does Chicago have a statue honoring this?"

"I doubt there is a single person who has seen the monument in any recent decade and was at all motivated to think positively about Mussinni [sic] and fascist Italy."

That's not the point. Why are we now commemorating a fascist?

"Nor do I think there has likely been anyone who in any way has felt offended about the Statue [sic]."

This is just silly.

"Can we at least have someone who, in the first person rather than the third person, can articulate a reason why the monument is somehow offensive before we start thinking it's necessary to tear it down or to rename a street named after the same person."

OK. Tear that fucker down! Balbo was a fascist. Done.

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Posted by Shorty Lee Lowe on 08/23/2017 at 11:30 AM

Re: “Chicago’s TIF scam might be even more crooked than we thought

"If he's opposed to using TIF funds in non-blighted areas and he views both locations as equally non-blighted areas, which is the conclusion one must make after reading his earlier articles expressing vigorous opposition to using TIFs for the South Loop project, then he should view the diversion neutrally."

I can't even get my head around this, and I taught high school freshmen for ten years.

"He would still be opposed to the use of this money but he can't really be any more opposed than he was previously."

Let me guess. You're the person who gets to decide what "more opposed" means.

"The fact of the matter is that rebuilding Navy Pier does fight against urban blight even though, obviously, Navy Pier isn't blighted. Without tourist destination like Navy Pier there'd be a lot less tax money for the infrastructure and services that keep people from fleeing the city. So renovating Navy Pier and making it more attractive for visitors to come to it, and into Chicago generally in some cases, will provide the revenue to fight against blight all over the city."

Navy Pier is a private/public partnership, which means the public subsidizes private profits. And the tax revenue it generates is simply another version of trickle-down economics.

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Posted by Shorty Lee Lowe on 07/28/2017 at 6:57 AM

Re: “Chicago’s TIF scam might be even more crooked than we thought

"I had thought that Joravsky didn't see any merit whatsoever to spending TIF dollars for the development in the South Loop. Didn't he write several articles arguing that this was something for which it wasn't worth any tax dollars to make it happen? How can he now complain about this money being diverted from that project? If he didn't think TIF dollars should have been spent for it then he shouldn't have any complaint."

Boy, that's some tortured IAC logic. If Joravsky was opposed to using TIFs in the non-blighted South Loop, then he shouldn't be opposed to those funds being funneled to another non-blighted area, Navy Pier. Wow!

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Posted by Shorty Lee Lowe on 07/26/2017 at 7:17 AM

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