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Re: “The Cartel

If you want to meet the Producer-Director of the Cartel, make sure you attend the 7:30 showing on Friday (30th) night. The Heartland Institute, along with For the Good of Illinois, will be hosting a Q& A in the theater immediately following the movie.

The discussion will range from the production of the movie, as well as an action plan for the dramatic transformation of American Education.

Posted by BrunoBehrend on 04/29/2010 at 11:17 AM

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Re: “County board prez: Why are we closing schools and packing the jail?

Maybe because the in-effectual, expensive, and worthless CPS is responsible for filling those jails ?

100,000 seat over-capacity, 55% empty schools, but Nooooooooooooo!! We! Can't! Touch! a Single! Brick! or Job!

What nonsense. Dismantle the CPS, build charters, allow for vouchers and hold new schools and parents accountable for progress.

We need to question the sanity of large urban districts. We need to stop talking gibberish like "consolidation" and start rapidly building and funding new, independent schools and education providers.

Fund children, not districts, schools, or bureaucracies.

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Posted by BrunoBehrend on 03/22/2013 at 2:40 PM

Re: “Chicago property tax 101

Re: Labor costs...

They are a function of the number of people hired, what they are paid, and their benefits.

1. The two decade experiment in lowering class size has proven a bust, as the massive expansion of payroll has produced no discernible benefit.

2. Nationally, there are 6.3 million public employees in education, 3.1 million of which are administration and support. That's a testament to the "jobs program" nature of public education in America. If all of them were raptured up to pension heaven tomorrow, the number of connected neurons in our kids' heads wouldn't drop an iota.

3. The nation can't afford the combined expense and ineffectiveness of America's failed "government education complex", and dumping unwarranted TIF cash into an unwarranted education bureaucracy is no solution.

The idea that we need a CPS to educate Chicago's children is suspect. If you broke up the system to Wards, it would work better, and if you broke it up into each school being independent, it would work even better.

There is no benefit to saving or preserving America's overpriced, overstaffed, 19th century education system.

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Posted by BrunoBehrend on 10/28/2011 at 8:33 AM

Re: “The mayor's millionaire club

Republican? Surely you jest! This is the world created by progressives and progressivism.

First, create an unworkable and unsustainable "blue model" of government, that can be floated on debt and churning of assets for a few decades, but simply must fail on the numbers eventually.

When the bubble bursts, you have a war of all against all, as resources to fund the blue model disappear.

The only person who can manage such a downward spiral is a strong man, and Rahm was in the enviable position of going to big Republican/Corporate donors and saying "I'm the only one who can manage this zoo."

He was right. The fact is the rich R donors and R party leaders, having presided over the death of their own "rent seeking" corrupt little cabal of losers, had nothing to offer the city or the state. There was Rahm, sitting in the middle like the big Clintonian liberal triangulator that he is.

Given how unworkable Occupism/Progressivism is, Rahm is very likely the only one who might save the "blue model" from its eventual self destruction. Of course, with Quinn working to turn Illinois into a ward of permanent Federal bailouts, even Rahm is swimming upstream in that regard.

Rahm isn't Republican, he's using them to fund your failing system. The Rs either too dumb, or too lazy, to provide an alternative.

Meanwhile, the left...well, they want everything, all the time, indexed to inflation, with pension spikes, student loan bailouts, and early retirement from unproductive government jobs at age 45, along with a 4 day work week. Sooner or later, you run out of people willing to pay for such an evil system.

The productive will either move, quit, or join the unproductive class.

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Posted by BrunoBehrend on 10/27/2011 at 11:48 AM

Re: “Chicago property tax 101

The Board of Ed. spends between $11 & 12,000 per child in Chicago.

Can you make the case that CPS deserves to get another dime, given their record?

It is time for every citizen across the political spectrum to start questioning the dogma of throwing dollars at education bureaucrats, districts, and teachers, all in the false hope that money equals success in schools.

Rather than assume that all that TIF money belongs in the pockets of the bureaucrats at 125 S. Clark or the unionized workforce, why not assume that TIFs should be a) transparent, and b) under the control of people in that TIF district.

Better yet, let the TIFs die or be voted down by referendum, and returned to the taxpayer, who could do much more with that money than Rahm, the aldermen, or the needless and wasteful "CPS."

Based on decades of spending hikes with no appreciable result, the assumption that schools automatically need and deserve more money should not only be questioned, but ridiculed.

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Posted by BrunoBehrend on 10/27/2011 at 11:04 AM

Re: “Mayor union-buster

Klonsky writes: " If there's a need for more time in the school day, it should be negotiated between the board and the union -- not mandated by an autocratic mayor who plucked the 90-minutes figure out of his rear end."

So an "autocratic" contract mandating one-size-fits-all solutions, negotiated between two bureaucratic sides of the same failed "district" coin is superior to an autocratic mayor? Why not junk the entire autocratic system?

I rather like mayoral control of schools. The bureaucracy and unions dictate school board elections, and the boards are universally loaded with "if you just give us all the money in the world, we will finally succeed" types. Been there, done that.

While there are other factors in the election, a mayor is more electorally accountable than the mythical "independent school board."

Also, at $12K/year per kid, you have all the money you need or deserve.

It is time for all these structures to be challenged in the only way that matters. If they fail the parent, the parent takes 80%-100% of their $12K elsewhere. The idea that a board and a union can "negotiate" the vast array of individual needs of 100s of 1000s of kids is absurd. Articulating as you did is helpful, as even reading your sentence should expose the entire system as entirely un-reformable, and thus ripe for dismantlement.

Posted by BrunoBehrend on 09/24/2011 at 9:55 AM

Re: “Mayor union-buster

Ben wrote, "But then, like I was telling you, this really isn't about the kids. It's about adults using kids to amass more power."

Ben's never-ending attacks on charters and paeans to teachers unions completely ignore the context of why this is all happening. The italicized text above (from the article) is a description of how the existing Government Education Complex has amassed its undeserved power over the decades.

Pardon us if we don't cry crocodile tears over the Complex getting what its given over the decades.

I wish Ben would take a step back from his union-worship to see how the entire system - not just administration - is designed to spend money and gain power. Neither the unions, nor the Administrative branch, is accountable for the awful results of the CPS.

The fact is that union schools v. charters v. longer days misses the entire point. America needs a dramatic expansion in different types of education.

The district system needs to be dismantled. Money should follow the child to more options. Charters are only the beginning of that process. We not only need more charters, but could use vouchers, digital learning, on-line courses, small independent schools with in schools....etc.

None of what is truly needed can be accomplished inside a failed 19th century model controlled by powerful and rich political interests working to keep their power.

Posted by BrunoBehrend on 09/23/2011 at 6:22 PM

Re: “The Head Cheerleaders

This long train of abuses will never go away until you do away with the district system. We don't need a CPS. We don't need an army of bureaucrats.

We need a wider range of independent schools, and we need nearly all the current money (95% or so) to follow children to those schools.

Chicago would be the perfect place to try such a system.…

Posted by BrunoBehrend on 07/23/2010 at 1:08 PM

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