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Re: “Worried about Chicago's readiness to deal with potential G8/NATO riots?

Who is "someone like" me Mr. Nall?

Someone who believes in the sanctity of the 1st Amendment, the right to peaceful free expression, the rule of law, and protecting property rights and public safety from violent criminals?

Wow! What shameful and kooky ideas!

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Posted by Mike Timble on 02/17/2012 at 11:50 AM

Re: “Worried about Chicago's readiness to deal with potential G8/NATO riots?

“They don't want to look like the head smashers who soiled the city's
image back in 1968.”

But why not?

If history is our guide, and terrorists posing as “protesters” come to
Chicago, shun peaceful protest, embrace violence and property damage like
previous G8 summits and many of the more recent Occupy protests, Mayor
Emanuel should give the police the thumbs up to crack as many anarchist
hippie skulls as possible.

Allowing violent protestors to have their way with our city will injure Chicago's image much more than bloodying a few anti-capitalist idiots. In fact I would argue a no nonsense approach to violent protestors would reflect positively on the city.

I urge our mayor to not be a pussy like the mayor’s of Denver, Oakland,
New York where they recently allowed the juvenile delinquents of the
Occupy Movement to wantonly break the law, destroy property, attack law
enforcement and generally create chaos.

Of course, peaceful protesters should be respected and allowed to conduct
appropriate expressions of free speech no matter how irrational and
dimwitted those ideas may be.

And it is my sincere hope the G8/NATO summits are calm and peaceful events.

But if businesses get attacked, picture windows start getting smashed and
citizens and law enforcement are assailed by “protestors” like at previous
G8 shindigs, then the batons and truncheons should come out, and Chicago
cops should get busy busting heads.

Our local government and the police must send a message.

Assholes who break the law because they feel they are above it, need to
feel the painful consequences of their actions so they understand this
type of behavior is not be tolerated in our city.

And if a little blood spills on the streets of Chicago—so be it.

It's nothing the Dept. of Streets and San can't handle.

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Posted by Mike Timble on 02/17/2012 at 10:39 AM

Re: “Should I let my boyfriend "probe" me down there?

Dear Reader,

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Seriously, are your editors brain damaged or lost any sort of common sense?

Not much shocks me these days, but I can honestly say I’m appalled you allowed Dan Savage’s column to run with explicit sexual advice to a 16-year old child.

I’m not surprised a morally reprehensible, self-righteous asshole like Savage doesn’t have the brains or decency to take a pass on advising a kid on intimate and personal issues like this in such an explicit manner.

But as editors of the newspaper, you could have edited his column or pulled his column altogether.

And let’s be clear. Despite the fact that 16 is the age of consent in 31 states in this country, 16 is still a child. In no way, is anyone under the age of 18 considered an adult.

Make no mistake, I believe consenting adults should be able to do whatever the hell they want to each other when it comes to sex. But not children.

To my mind, Savage is opening up a legal can of worms for himself and your newspaper here. Did Savage do his due diligence and check to see if the “boyfriend” in the girl’s letter is actually her contemporary? What if the “boyfriend” is older and is committing statutory rape on the girl? Is the girl actually 16 or is she younger and just lied about her age? Is this child being sexually abused? One could make the case Savage is contributing to the delinquency of a minor with his advice or even publicly encouraging illegal behavior.

Let’s look at things this way.

If a man in his late 40’s was sitting on the hood of his car parked in front of a high school freely giving sex advice to 16 year old girls, would that be considered appropriate? Would people gather around, smile and nod in agreement with this person sharing explicit sexual information with a young girl? Or would they be repulsed, report him to the police or beat the fuck out him themselves?

Just because this child e-mailed this middle-aged columnist asking for advice doesn’t make Savage’s advice any less creepy, inappropriate or just plain wrong.

If I ever got wind that some neighborhood pervert was offering advice of a sexual nature to my daughter (or son), my friend Mr. Louisville Slugger and I would be having a nice chat with this reprobate.

Even Savage’s advice is wrong. While Savage’s advice may not be wrong technically for an adult, he should have at least posed the question to this child if she is actually psychologically mature for sex. He also should have encouraged the girl to seek advice from her doctor or a school health counselor or even her parents. My guess is the reason she’s reaching out to Savage for advice is that her mom and dad are loving, responsible parents who have a problem with their teenage daughter spreading her legs for the boy down the street.

I am very disappointed that your editors didn’t have the guts or sense to edit Savage’s column.

Shame on you.


Michael Timble

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Posted by Mike Timble on 09/17/2011 at 10:01 PM

Re: “Former Rocker Don Gerard Elected Mayor of Champaign

I'm shocked.

Not shocked Gerard won the mayoral seat (just mildly surprised), but shocked you mentioned the Ten Shitty Guy house.

What the hell....?

Posted by Mike Timble on 04/06/2011 at 10:37 PM

Re: “Mick Dumke Returning to Reader

Awesome news! AWESOME!

Posted by Mike Timble on 03/16/2011 at 8:29 PM

Re: “Was Helen Thomas Too Old to Speak Her Mind?


I just love it when poseurs like the Society of Professional Liberal Stenographers eat their own.

That rank mask of objectivity, gets pulled off in candid and revealing moments like these to further reveal what a scam "objective journalism" has become to these fakers at the SPLS .

Take this quote from Kevin Smith.

"I find it incredibly hypocritical of this organization to stand up as the bastions of professional ethics and use our code as a guide, to reach out into the journalism world and criticize [Juan] Williams, [Keith] Olbermann, [Bill] O'Reilly, [Rush] Limbaugh, but then shield Helen Thomas from that same fate because she is an endearing member of our SPJ family."

Mr. Smith seems to consider Olbermann, O'Reilly and Limbaugh as journalists. In the classical definition, they are certainly not--they're commentators. Meaning they're paid for their opinion, not to present allegedly objective reporting.

The scary thing is, Smith seems to equate these commentators with what stenographers er' sorry,"journalists" are doing. Or at least supposed to doing--reporting objectively.

I guess I have to applaud Smith for his honesty. I mean, who with a brain believes any modern reporting in the main stream media is actually even close to objective.

As far as this story is concerned, it's a really nice piece. It's something I would expect to see in the NYT or a national news magazine--it's really that good.

That's why I want to encourage Mr. Miner to keep spotlighting issues that have nothing to do with Chicago as, of course, there's never any local media stories of interest here in the Windy City. Never. Why would there actually be any local stories to cover in a backwater town like Chicago?

In the meantime, I encourage the so-called "editors" of The CHICAGO Reader to perhaps spend more time and precious column inches covering the city for which it is named.

Posted by Mike Timble on 03/05/2011 at 12:54 PM

Re: “Hooked on the Lines of Sinker

DeRogatis's comments are pathetic and smack loudly of envy.

Sinker's fake Rahm wasn't journalism, it was entertainment.


Posted by Mike Timble on 03/05/2011 at 11:40 AM

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