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Re: “Howl

A glorious performance by James Franco , as a young Allen Ginsburg, ( who knew he had it in him?) , a wonderful group of animation sequences , and a performance of the poem , are a part of the film version of Howl , the poem that started the whole beat poet era , well , at least , was a major contributor to it. This film gets you inside the world of the beats and the straight laced era of the fifties , where the times were about to really change , and the world hasn't ever really recovered from it. A film that feels lived in , about a poem that can't truly be explained , but that had a major impact on the times. This has to be seen to try and understand poetry and the beat era.

Posted by Mitchco on 10/04/2010 at 11:58 PM

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Re: “The method to Joe Maddon's madness

I'm sorry , but the cute little cubbie - wubbies will NEVER go to a world series , much less win one. And do you know why? It's FREAKING WRIGLEY FIELD! YOU CAN'T PLAY REAL MODERN DAY BASEBALL IN FREAKING WRIGLEY FIELD!!! With the combination of crazy winds blowing the ball all over the place , and the way the players can't really see the ball due to the poor lighting of the field , and the way the sun blinds the fielders on a regular basis, you can't play consistently well in freaking Wrigley Field. How many really good players end up going nowhere with the cubbies? How many managers have they had over the past , oh , I don't know 30 yrs. , only to get burned out by the freak that is Wrigley Field? Turn the damned thing into a museum , or at least a little league park, 'cause you can't play modern day baseball in it!

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Posted by Mitchco on 08/09/2015 at 1:00 AM

Re: “This Is 40

I just saw "This is 40" for the first time , and all I can say is , they should have called it "This is POINTLESS!" , because that's what it is! A bunch of whiny , stupid , self indulgent idiots complaining throughout most of the overlong screen time. If this is a comedy , then I'm the pope! This movie is painful to sit through , boring and pointless throughout , overlong at over two hours , and pretty much a waste of time! And , yet , it probably made Judd Apatow a lot of money that he really didn't deserve. I hope his next project is more true to form , and actually has some laughs in it, instead of making us feel sorry and uncomfortable.

Posted by Mitchco on 09/29/2013 at 11:22 PM

Re: “The politics of pot

Pot should be legalized , I mean , how many people are getting sick every day from drinking and smoking , and drinking and smoking are so much more an accepted way of administering legal drugs to us than pot. How many people get into fights who are drinking beer at a football game or at a bar , than people smoking pot? I'm not a pot smoker , don't really like the way it effects me , but , I can't take the current laws on marijuana seriously. The government continues to treat the public as children on such matters, still pushing the "Reefer Madness" myths on us , telling us that reefer is the worst possable thing we could possably do. Not even mentioning the disparities of prosecuting more non - White people on possesion of miniscule amounts of reefer, than the suburban White kids that smoke reefer regularily without fear of prosecution. And , of course , there's the issue of tax revenue , which legalizing would greatly increase. If you've seen the Ken Burns series on prohibition , you can see how much of a total joke that wrong headed program of making booze illeagal was. Sure , it made a small amount of religious fanatics feel better , but it created such a large underground criminal element , an environment where NO ONE followed the law , and everyone knew it. It was such a joke , and such a waste of law enforcement , and energy. The same goes for our current reefer laws , and , frankly a lot of the "WAR ON DRUGS". It doesn't work , it will never work , and it makes a few people feel better , so that oheres can be locked up for minor crimes.

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Posted by Mitchco on 12/01/2011 at 8:25 PM

Re: “The boys in the bureau

If J. Edgar Hoover was gay , it's another (pecularily American ) tale of closeted homosexuals being furiously anti - gay, either to cover up thier publicly unpopular behavior , or , just because of their extreme psychological instability. From Roy Cohn , the closeted anti gay lawyer with extreme right wing power, to , I don't know , Rush Limbaugh , the extreme right wing radio host , who has allegedly had liasons with young male hookers in the Caribbian. All these examples have one thing in common , they all play up their extreme anti - gay stance . In my mind their extreme anti - gay stance is always to cover up the fact that they are gay. Hell , right wing nutcase Michelle Bachmann is married to a gay man , but doesn't seem to notice. When you see an extreme anti - gay person , you have to question their motives. I'm tired of this country and it's puritanical streak. It's time this country GROW UP!

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Posted by Mitchco on 11/10/2011 at 7:21 PM

Re: “How to Fix the El

I don't ride the el as much as I used to , but I take the bus often , and I notice how inconsistent the service is. Sometimes , you can wait as little as three minutes for a bus , sometimes you have to wait as much as twenty minutes. It' s really annoying in the cold and rainy weather. The drivers in Evanston are generally pleasant , although , some of them drive like they are driving a sedan down the boulevard, speeding up and slowing down suddenly , hitting the breaks hard, seemingly unaware of the effect their driving is having on the passengers. The inconsistency on the el is just as annoying , as you can wait as little as two minutes for a train , and as much as twenty minutes. Also , why has the brown line been rehabbed all nice and clean , while the red line , the much larger line , still has the smelly , ramshackle , urine soaked stations? While the recently rehabbed Howard station is a vast improvement on the old decrepit station , it seems like a lot of money was wasted on things that could have been designed differently. Why is it a two story station ? It could have been build differently , with a much more economic design. Parts of it aren't really finished , after two years , and nothing is being done about it. Also , they don't really clean up the mess of garbage and newspapers around the station. I asked a CTA person about this , and the replied , "it's the cities responsibility" . When I asked a representative of the city about this situation , they replied , "It's the CTA's responsibility". The problem of inconsistency is a reoccurring theme on the CTA , with employees standing around at the stations , seemingly doing nothing , standing around , chewing the fat , while someone could be cleaning the station , or do I not appreciate just how busy they can get. It seems the CTA has been a giant patronage program , with employees maybe too comfortable with their situation , and no one with the guts to make improvements and get rid of the dead wood, or maybe I'm not aware of the politics involved.

Posted by Mitchco on 03/25/2011 at 7:03 PM

Re: “It Isn't Easy Voting Green

I am sick , sick , sick of the ignorance and total uncaring attitude of recycling garbage in this city! Why , in 2011 , do we still not recycle paper , plastic , metal , and glass in this city , while many other cities are leading the way towards a greener future. I am tired of walking down the street , and seeing cans, bottles , and all manor of recyclable trash on the street. People are knowingly ignorant of how to recycle , where to recycle , and what is recyclable . The city of Chicago doesn't help , saying that "recycling is not in the budget" , while still spending probably millions on trash pickups every week. I've always suspected that the main reason we have never had a city recycling program in the city of Chicago is because the major trash hauling companies contribute mightly to the campaigns of the politicians that run the city. The future is now ! The mayorial candidates need to start figuring out a recycling program that works , not a "voluntary recycling program " , that only involves some of the lakefront "liberal" wards in the city , and excludes everyone else to wallow in their own filth.

Posted by Mitchco on 02/17/2011 at 7:07 PM

Re: “Exit Through the Gift Shop

if that is all true , and I assume it is , ( but who knows) , it is a terribly entertaining peice of work that makes you question the meaning of art and fianance in this society.

Posted by Mitchco on 11/13/2010 at 1:13 AM

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