Lou Grant | Chicago Reader
I wrote the Lou Grant column in the chitowndailynews.org for two years. Prior to that I wrote as Michael Langdon for the Chicago Media Examiner. In my real life, I've spent 20 years on the operations side of newspapers. I also spent nine years in financial public relations before that. I always wrote, even in operations, working as a stringer and a freelancer. I'm currently a freelancer/ stringer and have a number of blogs active. Outside of Lou, I do not write about media. And, Lou only writes about media and politics. As a matter of ethics, I do not post on the same subject as both Lou and my real identity. Lou was chosen as an avatar to represent me by Geoff Dougherty, the M.E. of the chitown. If I had made the choice I would probably have preferred William Miller ("Almost Famous") or Deep Throat. Deep Throat, in this case, was a source used by Crain's Chicago Business in its stories many years ago about the privatization of Trans Union. DT was my mentor and friend. I miss him. An anonymous identity was important because I was employed by a media company at the time. I am currently unemployed. I was terminated in a general RIF and it was not related to my writing the column. The anonymity of Lou is no longer important, however it continues to be fun. And you never know, perhaps Lou will have a column again someday. I believe that every significant person working with me on the blogs not associated with Lou's column is aware that I wrote the Media Insider. My identity is not hidden from people who know me. Oh! And unlike Lou, I have a full head of hair that rivals Rod Blagojevich. That said, I look forward to e-mails. Please include at least 50 words on why you hate the Huffington Post: LouGrant70@yahoo.com