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  1. Still alive at five

    Permanent Records may not be permanent yet, but Lance Barresi and Liz Tooley are celebrating an anniversary that nobody would’ve guessed they’d see

  2. Industry Surrenders on Used CDs/Censorship at Musicland?/Coyote Supplies Meat/Awards Postponed

    Red Red Meat/Main course Friday at Around the Coyote

  3. Music Notes: Bruno Johnson, jazz messenger

  4. Record Numbers: How SoundScan Has Changed the Landscape

    Mike Shalett/Does his service short-shrift the indies?

  5. Punk Planet's New Atmosphere

    Dan Sinker/ Politically Direct

  6. George Daniels Cranks It Up

    The West Side's Svengali in Sunglasses

  7. Breaking the Chains

    Armed with research that proves the value of local stores, Women & Children First is fighting the Borders war.

  8. Making eLemonade

    Thrill Jockey's Bettina Richards isn't thrilled about the digital revolution, but she's determined to meet it head-on.

  9. Our Favorite Things

  10. Street Level

    What to do and where to do it in the South Loop

  11. Street Level

    What to do and where to do it

  12. Street Level

    What to do and where to do it in Lincoln Square and North Center

  13. Back From the Digital Dead

    The relaunch of early indie mp3 site Epitonic has the blogs buzzing—but what will make it stand out now?

  14. What's an Album Worth?

    Amazon's $3.99 deals are pushing prices down a slippery slope, and labels are pushing back.

  15. More Rapacious-Label News/Schmitsville

    Bad-taste behemoth/GG Allin