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“music retail sales”

  1. This week on the B Side

    Our immense Record Store Day guide, new music from North Africa, and more

  2. Next Big Thing?

    Diverse/Sales Without the Scene

  3. Harder Than It Looks/Vinyl Decision/Postscript

  4. Keep the Customers Satisfied

    As other indie record stores bite the dust, Mizz Nellie's Soundtrack survives on wits, innovation, and banana pudding.

  5. Spot Check

  6. George Daniels Cranks It Up

    The West Side's Svengali in Sunglasses

  7. Acquiring Minds

    Collectors like Ron and Geri Hennessey put tons of time and money inot the single-minded pursuit of their love objects. What makes them do it?

  8. Slight Returns/The Groove Gets Fatter/Original Soundz

  9. Punk Planet's New Atmosphere

    Dan Sinker/ Politically Direct

  10. Discord at Unity Temple/ Niche, Niche, Niche

    Scott Black/ Mission Impossible

  11. Who Dares Challenge Ticketmaster?/ New Face for the Hunchback

    Steppenwolf's Eric Simonson finally gets the musical he's been looking for.

  12. The Last Drop

    Urbus Orbis, the Wicker Park coffeehouse and cultural landmark, falls prey to the gentrification it helped attract.

  13. Ticketmaster Uber Alles/Where the Boys Are

    Pansy Division/Homopunk's front line

  14. Music Notes: Bruno Johnson, jazz messenger

  15. Record Numbers: How SoundScan Has Changed the Landscape

    Mike Shalett/Does his service short-shrift the indies?

  16. The Panic in Wicker Park

    What's behind the anti-gentrification backlash?

  17. See It, Hear It, Buy It

    Local venues, record stores, and radio

  18. Chicago 101: Music

    Local Venues, record stores, and radio

  19. Instant Karma

    Burning CDs of shows to sell to the audience makes good sense. But selling the idea to bands is another matter.

  20. But Who Will Think of the Record-Store Clerks?; A Record Label Called Record Label

    Barry Phipps's Tight Ship label does bands a favor by cutting out the middlemen.

  21. Is Apple Finally Taking iTunes to the Cloud?

    A new MobileMe might bring music "lockers."

  22. What's an Album Worth?

    Amazon's $3.99 deals are pushing prices down a slippery slope, and labels are pushing back.

  23. Back From the Digital Dead

    The relaunch of early indie mp3 site Epitonic has the blogs buzzing—but what will make it stand out now?

  24. In Search of the iTunes Killer

    A new crop of music retailers takes aim at Apple.

  25. Street Level

    What to do and where to do it in Lincoln Square and North Center

  26. Letters

  27. Earth Day Events

  28. Street Level

    What to do and where to do it

  29. Street Level

    What to do and where to do it in the South Loop

  30. Give Up the Ship

    EMI and the other majors are foundering, but should the artists care?

  31. Our Favorite Things

  32. Dropping like flies

    The Virgin Megastore on Michigan Avenue is the latest music retailer in Chicago to throw in the towel.

  33. Sharp Darts: One Down, Three to Go

    The first of the major labels unlocks its digital catalog.

  34. Street Level

    What to do and where to do it

  35. Making eLemonade

    Thrill Jockey's Bettina Richards isn't thrilled about the digital revolution, but she's determined to meet it head-on.

  36. Fire sale is on

    Tower Records to be liquidated

  37. You're Gonna Pay for That

    The record industry's still scapegoating downloaders--while angling for more of their cash.

  38. Recovery mission

    Drag City Records uncovers music by Bill Fay and Mark Fosson.