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  1. Aldermen Solis and Munoz reveal the truth about politics in Chicago

    Most Chicago aldermen are not ideologues—they just want to stay in office.

  2. UNO's Juan Rangel sweet-talks the City Club

  3. Charter schools report card

    How Chicago's charters responded to our FOIA, from "didn't even bother with a lame excuse" to "gold star!"

  4. Public schools, private budgets

    Charter schools are the fastest-growing part of Chicago's public education system, but how they spend our tax money is mostly a secret

  5. Pilsen Power Play/UNO in Action

    Skeptics wonder why a community group would join forces with Alderman Danny Solis and City Hall.

  6. School reform's principal problem

  7. Is the school system shortchanging Hispanic students?

  8. School space: packing them in on the far north side

  9. Rahm's school board and the teachers' union actually agree on charter law

    Chicago officials don't want their hands tied by state charter rules.

  10. The Reader goes to charter school

    The Reader goes to charter school

  11. Chicago Politics 101: by any means necessary

    UNO's win in the 21st legislative district is not exactly a ringing endorsement for charter schools.

  12. UNO's Juan Rangel does a damn good Chris Christie impression

    The state's biggest charter school operator calls the teachers union "totally irresponsible and reckless"

  13. Rahm reels toward his reelection bid

    A new poll is the latest sign that Mayor Emanuel could be in trouble.

  14. In Chicago, charter schools remain untouchable

    Aldermen kill a proposal to discuss school policies but find time to take on Eliot Ness.

  15. Rahm creates a process to endorse his plan for more charter schools

    Rahm creates a process to endorse his plan for more charter schools.

  16. Charter school operator won't say how it spent your tax dollars

    Charter school operator won't say how it spent your tax dollars.

  17. The lessons of UNOgate—don't let Mihalopoulos catch you!

    Hey, charter school operators: if you want to continue paying your teachers substandard salaries and firing them on a whim, it's a good idea not to dole out contracts to the brothers of the chief operating officer.

  18. UNO contract comedy: One man out, one man on, leaders baffled

    UNO's charter school bosses hire a judge to tell them how and why they awarded contracts to relatives of UNO's former chief executive officer.

  19. Today's lesson: charters do not outperform unionized schools

    There are no charters in the top ten schools in Chicago. None in the top 20, 30, or 40 either.

  20. Fighting for the right to fire bad teachers—and good ones too

    The story of the UNO charter school teacher dismissed despite doing his job with "dignity"

  21. Who got in to the UNO school built with clout?

    After a new charter school opened in his ward, an alderman wants to know which kids have benefited.