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  1. The Bloomingdale Trail is (suddenly) fully funded

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel (apparently) raises $9 million in four days for the Bloomingdale Trail

  2. Mayor Rahm's TIF tax: $510 million

  3. Culture Vultures: Wilson Yards Skateboard Shop, Lucky Peach, and Mount Bridgeport

    In-the-know Chicagoans tell the Reader what they're watching, reading, and seeing

  4. Rahm on TIF abuses: Let's talk about kids instead

  5. Basketball controversies

    In the name of protecting kids, there's a movement to take their sports equipment away

  6. 2006

    The year in Chicago history via the pages of the Reader

  7. The price of intolerance, part 2

    Forty years after racial tensions escalated to tragedy in a south-side neighborhood, Duffie Clark maintains that someone else pulled the trigger.

  8. Mayor Emanuel’s budget show

    It’s a familiar script: you pay more, the little guys get fired, and the mayor hoards the money

  9. Claiming the high ground

    A patch of rare terrain, part of a former military base, opens to the public

  10. The price of intolerance, part 1

    Racial tensions on Chicago's south side had been simmering for years when, on September 1, 1971, the animosity boiled over—forever altering the lives of two men.

  11. Culture Vultures: James Fritz, The Four Desires, and the Forest Preserve District

    In-the-know Chicagoans tell the Reader what they're watching, reading, and seeing

  12. Faced with a cop shortage, some officials look to private policing

  13. Where’s Garry McCarthy?

    A frustrated south-side community invites Chicago's new police superintendent to a "dialogue"

  14. Back to school with Bill Hillmann, class of '99

    "When was the last time I kissed my Ma?"

  15. Two Chicago pols say it's time to talk about legalizing pot

  16. Animal house

    The evolving relationship between humans and exotic fauna, plus foxes and coyotes, Asian carp, and white-tailed deer.

  17. Zoom in: West Ridge

    The somewhat haphazard Indian Boundary Park, named for a real, if short-lived, frontier

  18. Hub=Good; District=Bad? Cultural Plan neighborhood meetings start tonight

    Neighborhood conversations about the city's new cultural plan begin tonight

  19. My property tax bill is defective—I want a refund!

    Having just paid his property tax bill, Ben wants his money back

  20. The Reader goes to charter school

    The Reader goes to charter school

  21. Cheering for losers

    I only cheer for losers

  22. Adolfo Mondragon, the candidate

    The People Issue: Aldolfo Mondragon, a public-interest attorney running for state senate in the First District

  23. The parking meter deal: still more hosing to come

    The street parking sell off continues to eat at Chicagoans' wallets.

  24. The misunderstood sex offender

    Laws geared toward the most rare of sex crimes fail to address the most common

  25. Dawn of the deal

    How clout raised an Uptown TIF deal from the dead

  26. The Park Grill scandal: One for the ages

    The twisted tale behind the city's new lawsuit against Park Grill and the Chicago Park District

  27. Give me Detroit in December, damnit!

    Thinking about college football in light of the Big Ten title game this weekend.

  28. Who is Dancin' Man?

    Meet Dancin' Man, who's shared stages with James Brown and the Jackson Five

  29. Occupy Chicago: talking TIFs to the people

    Ben Joravsky reflects on his experience speaking at Occupy Chicago.

  30. Chicago property tax 101

    What to tell an alderman who fibs to you about TIFs

  31. Return of the basketball rims

  32. The 7 percent solution

    Chancellor Cheryl Hyman promises student success at her—"reinvented"—alma mater, the City Colleges. Can she deliver?

  33. Mayor Emanuel does the TIF reform dance

    But he's not looking like the belle of the ball

  34. Sticks and stones will break your bones, and so will 16-inch softball

  35. An open letter to Chicago Public Schools' new CEO

  36. A TIF Gift for Rahm

    The city's Community Development Commission gives the mayor-elect millions of additional tax increment financing dollars to play with.

  37. Morning Newsfeed: Blago's Night Terrors, New CTA Leadership, Arcade Fire at Wrigley, Invisible Ink Recipe, and More

  38. Morning Newsfeed: Hollywood Shakedown, a Debate on City Stickers, BP's "Spillionaires," and More

  39. Ben Joravsky's Guide to the Aldermanic Runoffs

    Chicagoans will choose their City Council representatives in 14 wards on Tuesday. Here's a close-up look at five of the races.

  40. Reporting From FamilyFarmed: Food in the Schools

    Reporting from the annual Family Farmed Expo, where the focus today is on food in the schools.

  41. Swan Boats Dead in the Water at Lincoln Park Zoo

    You won't see the swan boats at Lincoln Park Zoo this summer, but they could eventually return to the former cemetery.

  42. A Thoughtful Politician

    In the Fourth Ward Will Burns seeks to take the next step in a promising career.

  43. Separate, Unequal, and Ignored

    Racial segregation remains Chicago's most fundamental problem. Why isn't it an issue in the mayor's race?

  44. The New York Times Blows It Again

    WTF, New York Times? Can't you get anything about Chicago right?

  45. Toxic Tour of Northwest Indiana

    Photography by Lloyd DeGrane. Text by Kari Lydersen.

  46. Mr. Nice Guy

    Is Miguel del Valle tough enough to be mayor? And does toughness matter?

  47. Chico and the Man

    Now that he's running for office, Gery Chico would rather you forget his ties to Mayor Daley

  48. The Hidden Hands

    In every successful campaign—and every dud—pros are masterminding and organizing from offstage. Meet the people behind six mayoral candidates.

  49. A Convict's Odyssey

    When he was 16, Mark Clements talked his way into four life sentences. Twenty-eight years later, he talked his way out.

  50. Before He Leaves, Mayor Daley Finds a Few More TIF Dollars to Hand Around

    The city's piggy banks are empty, but at his last City Council meeting Mayor Daley committed to spending millions more out of the city's tax increment financing program.

  51. Blogger Fred Klonsky's crusade against public education reform

    Klonsky's is a voice from the classroom that's oft overlooked

  52. Spokeswoman for parking meter company gets approval for Park District board

  53. Public schools, private budgets

    Charter schools are the fastest-growing part of Chicago's public education system, but how they spend our tax money is mostly a secret

  54. The Battle in Boys Town

    Crime in the city's LGBT enclave is alarming some residents. But critics say prejudice, not violence, is driving those fears.

  55. The grass gap

    People all over Chicago smoke pot—but almost everyone busted for it is black

  56. Best new evidence that Chicago ain't ready for reform

    The new soccer field in Lincoln Park

  57. The misfire

    Chicago's tough gun law was supposed to help officials track who's acquiring guns and who's misusing them. So far it's doing neither.

  58. Uptown turns down a TIF deal—for the moment

  59. As Mayor Daley cashes in, ousted teacher gets cut off

  60. Four men beaten as teens swarm downtown areas

  61. Adios, Radio Arte?

  62. Best of the rest of the fests

  63. Summer book fairs

  64. The E-Dogz Food Trailer Is Up and Running—and Free

    Eric May's E-Dogz free food trailer is up and running outside the Block Museum of Art.

  65. History is a Wheel Cont'd

    I think I've heard this one before.

  66. What's really going on in the primary elections

    Rahm Emanuel, Toni Preckwinkle, and other heavy hitters vie for influence in local primary elections

  67. How to irritate Mayor Emanuel and do some legislating in one easy step

    How to irritate Mayor Emanuel and do some legislating in one easy step

  68. Addicted to guns

    Is there a cure for Chicago's crippling dependence on firearms?

  69. In the Chicago Public Schools, promises are made to be broken

    Reasons to doubt Mayor Emanuel's promises on schools—as if you needed more.

  70. The man who transformed high school baseball on the south side

    Will the coach who transformed high school baseball on the south side finally get the recognition he deserves?

  71. With a party, the Southtown Star newsroom disappears

    A night at Midlothian pizza joint Bartolini's, site of the newspaper's farewell party

  72. Standardized testing overkill at CPS

    Even Chicago school officials allow that they're giving students too many standardized tests. Will they really cut back?

  73. County board prez: Why are we closing schools and packing the jail?

    Cook County board president Toni Preckwinkle rips the decision to shutter dozens of Chicago public schools.

  74. Waiting for the day of judgment from Mayor Emanuel

    Mayor Emanuel's threat to close a quarter of Chicago's public grammar schools has the city in a tizzy.

  75. Zoom in: Humboldt Park

    This week we zoom in on Humboldt Park and the two bronze bison that act as an homage to the Chicago World's Fair.

  76. School closings: The latest blow to neighborhoods already reeling from disinvestment

    What's the cost of pulling the plug on public services in neighborhoods desperately in need of them?

  77. An endangered piece of history beneath Lake Michigan's surface

    An endangered piece of history beneath Lake Michigan's surface: the Silver Spray shipwreck

  78. Anatomy of a heroin ring

    Anatomy of a heroin ring: a west-side drug organization that employed dozens and served thousands

  79. Chicago parents and teachers unite against standardized testing

    A teacher boycott of a test in Seattle has energized local opposition.

  80. Reader's Agenda Sat 2/2: Dave Eggers, ice-skating at Solider Field, and F This Movie

    What's on the Reader's Agenda for Saturday, February 2, 2013

  81. A tough lesson about the N-word

    Should a Chicago Public Schools teacher have used "nigger" in a sixth-grade class?

  82. Remembering Robert Sickinger, a pioneer of off-Loop theater

    The Hull-House Theater director who inspired David Mamet and Jim Jacobs has died in Florida at age 86.

  83. Summer Guide: Meet me in Saint Louis

    Summer Guide: No, Saint Louis is not just a smaller, inferior version of Chicago.

  84. Slush funds for everyone—why should DePaul and Marriott have all the fun?

    I wanna be a player: A modest proposal where you get your own slush funds, just like the big operators

  85. The migration of the hipster

    The migration of the hipster: A Chicago history, 1898-present

  86. Three families tell us why they ditched CPS

    When push comes to shove, the city's middle-class parents often shove off for the suburbs.

  87. A former investigator of police misconduct on the questions she never asked

    A former investigator of police misconduct tackles the questions she never asked.

  88. On top of everything else, Stony Island is the wrong street

    Stony Island is the wrong street to rename in honor of Bishop Arthur Brazier

  89. Albany Park's hidden refugee farm

    Albany Park's hidden refugee farm

  90. Should we be giddy about our cities when so many are suffering in them?

    A "metropolitan revolution" is needed, but it's a little early to be rejoicing.

  91. The snake who ate a stone and other reasons to take the kids to the park

    Smithsonian's "Animal Connections" exhibit will be in Chicago parks now through August 9.

  92. Next on the hit list: Edo Belli's Cuneo Hospital complex

    Edo Belli's mid-20th-century Cuneo Hospital complex is headed for destruction.

  93. The cop who wants to fight crime with the community

    The West Humboldt cop who wants to fight crime with the community.

  94. Trying to make separate equal

    "By one means or another, our schools will be integrated," federal judge Julius Hoffman said of Chicago schools in 1962. It was wishful thinking.

  95. Rahm's new TIF program looks a lot like the old TIF program

    Mayor Emanuel ignores his own TIF Reform Panel in pledging $55 million for an arena and hotel.

  96. Rahm's latest plan: Close the schools, build an arena

    The mayor prepares to close schools while spending millions on an arena for DePaul.

  97. Looks like Governor Quinn will have to save us from Mayor Rahm—again!

    Let's add Governor Quinn's name to the long list of people Mayor Rahm won't talk to.

  98. The Chicago manual of school closings

    A close look at how Chicago officials shutter public schools

  99. The Dance COLEctive under pressure

    Margi Cole’s the Dance COLEctive performs in "Free/Bound" at Stage 773.

  100. City officials say they're committed to community policing, just not to funding it

    A closer look at Mayor Emanuel's plan to "revitalize" the CAPS program

  101. David Orr's summertime TIF reading

    County Clerk David Orr's annual TIF report is filled with all sorts of fun facts about Mayor Emanuel's favorite economic development program

  102. On meter deal, legal action speaks louder than words

    As Mayor Emanuel blasts the parking meter deal, city lawyers fight to keep it in place

  103. The shrinking slush fund

    Mayor Emanuel has less TIF slush to play with but keeps handing out money anyway

  104. Sin gle in Ch i ca go: an erasure poem

    Something is definitely missing from "Single in Chicago," the NYT's buzzy travelogue. Now it's missing most of its word count

  105. Pull up a chair

    Fifteen of the donors and insiders who got access to Rahm Emanuel

  106. Zoom in: Roscoe Village

    A look at the Garden, a public bike park in Richard Clark Park

  107. Best Subversive Dance

    The Other Dance Festival

  108. Still a beach bum, after all these years

    A planned major rehab never happened, but at 60, Theater on the Lake has some new blood

  109. The Reader's Agenda: Mon 6/4

    What's on the Reader's Agenda for June 4, 2012

  110. Randolph Street Market, discounts, and other weekend fashion sales and events

    Randolph Street Market is alfresco, Squasht turns two, and sales through Sunday

  111. Summer Guide: Spiritual guidance, and bourbon, in Louisville

    Summer Guide: camp in the hills, ride the Bluegrass Parkway, and Shakespeare in the park

  112. Is the city's shiny new bike-sharing program a dirty deal?

    A contract awarded for the new bike-sharing program has competitors crying foul.

  113. Besieged

    West Humboldt is one of America's biggest open-air drug markets. What does that mean for its residents?

  114. The voters strike again

    A roundup of the 2012 primary election results

  115. The science of swimsuits

    Technology that wins gold medals

  116. A portrait of David Foster Wallace as a midwestern author

    A portrait of David Foster Wallace as a midwestern author

  117. The Reader's second annual awards for political "achievement"

    The year in politics: the Reader's second annual awards for political "achievement"

  118. People Issue 2012:
    John Campos, the organizer

    CPD community policing advocate: "Some blocks look like Afghanistan and others look like any other street in Chicago."

  119. TIFs: the tax bill you have to pay but never see

    TIFs: the tax bill you have to pay but never see

  120. Our all-local gift guide

    Presents people might actually want, based on what we actually want

  121. Could the natives be restless?

    A Green Party congressional race and other rumblings among Chicago's electorate

  122. The Reader did election night

    Check out the Reader's coverage of Chicago, from Second City to a homeless shelter to President Obama's election party, as it happened.

  123. View of Obama from his backyard: "You need another four years"

    Election Day voters on the south side of Chicago explain why they're still committed to Obama

  124. Superintendent McCarthy dismantles CAPS, will replace it with something at some point

    Chicago police chief says we don't need more cops, just a new community policing policy to be determined later

  125. Still hoping for change

    Still hoping for change: Five Chicagoans reflect on four years of the Obama presidency

  126. Our guide to the 48th Chicago International Film Festival

    Our guide to the 48th Chicago International Film Festival: For two weeks, the world is your neighborhood

  127. New pot law hasn't ended grass gap

    Chicago police are busting fewer people for marijuana offenses—but only in certain neighborhoods

  128. The people v. the pawnshop

    What one vacant lot says about the future of devlopment in the city

  129. Berghoff Oktoberfest and other food and drink events

    Oktoberfest celebrations and ethical food sources are highlights this week, along with Mexican Independence day and puppy philanthropy

  130. Akins in our midst?

    Some Illinois politicians act a lot like Todd Akin on sex and abortion issues

  131. Need money? Just take it out of TIF petty cash!

    When the city needs the money, it just takes it from the TIF petty cash.