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Useful stories for paper

  1. City Council approves Rahm's new parking meter deal

    Chicago's parking meter money will continue to flow to private investors.

  2. The ongoing case against privatization

    As the city and state battle with a public interest group over the legality of the parking meter deal, Clint Krislov, the lawyer at the center of it, rips arguments in favor of privatizing public assets.

  3. Spreading the privatization gospel

    Other cities continue to consider following Chicago's lead in privatizing their parking systems—with the help of some of the same firms that engineered the deal here.

  4. The Case For Selling Off the City

    You've read plenty in these pages about the hazards of turning over roads, airports, and parking meters to private companies. But when privatization is done right, argues advocate John Schmidt, it can be an ideal partnership.

  5. IVI-IPO Sues the City Over the Parking Meter Deal

    And credits the Reader for leading the way in looking into the deal.

  6. Wait, we sold that off too?

    As a new report highlights, the city relinquished control of traffic management policy when it leased the parking meters.

  7. Leading by example

    Mayor Daley boasts that Chicago's privatization deals are examples for governments around the country. Recent reports suggest that's not quite true.

  8. Rally cry

    Activists and aldermen call for greater transparency in the city's budget, TIF program, and lease deals; they're even hopeful somebody might do something at some point.

  9. TIFs: Hidden in plain view

    The City Council can approve a 99-year privatization deal in days, but it needs months to decide whether to put public records online.

  10. Now it makes sense

    Aldermen receive a flow chart to clarify who's about to take control of the city's parking meters. It doesn't exactly help.

  11. The latest lease deal

    The city could finalize a billion-dollar deal to lease its parking meters just days after viewing the winning bid.

  12. A Privatization Scheme That Might Make Sense—Might

    Mayor Daley is reportedly thinking about privatizing McCormick Place. The devil will clearly be in the details.

  13. Privatize Recycling? It's Pretty Much Already Been Done

    The city is talking about privatizing the blue cart recycling program. Details would be nice. Political will too.

  14. City Council gets in the spirit of giving, approves Rahm's billboard deal

    The Chicago City Council votes 43-6 in favor of a deal to turn public space over to a private billboard company

  15. City for sale

    The city has put a price tag on everything. But what's the real cost?

  16. Mayor Emanuel ensures parking meters remain in private hands

    A Cook County judge rules against a challenge to the parking meter deal

  17. To Mayor Emanuel, some jobs are worth more than others

    What's really saved by privatizing a couple dozen positions at the water department?

  18. City sheds hundreds more jobs in black and Hispanic neighborhoods

    Black and Hispanic neighborhoods bear the brunt of Mayor Emanuel's belt tightening

  19. On meter deal, legal action speaks louder than words

    As Mayor Emanuel blasts the parking meter deal, city lawyers fight to keep it in place

  20. The trust fund mayor

    The mayor has big plans for Chicago's infrastructure. Wish we knew what they were.

  21. City job cuts hit black and Hispanic neighborhoods hardest

    City job cuts hit black and Hispanic neighborhoods hardest

  22. Faced with a cop shortage, some officials look to private policing

  23. Daley joining law firm he previously hired for city's meter deal and other privatization work

  24. Open government in Chicago? Rahm's tech and data chiefs swear it's coming

    A Q&A with city of Chicago technology chief John Tolva and data officer Brett Goldstein.