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Chicago Police Torture

Police torture

  1. Cardinal Sins

  2. A Hell of a Deal

    His job is to prosecute criminals. But if the criminals are cops, state's attorney Dick Devine doesn't want to hear about it. Now, with Devine offering inmates freedom to drop claims of torture, defense attorneys suggest a prosecutor to go over his head.

  3. Annals of Police Torture: What Price Freedom?

    Darrell Cannon has accepted a plea bargain that will spare him a lifetime in prison. But there's a catch: the police officers he's accused of torture won't be forced to testify.

  4. This Is a Magic Can

    It grows. It shrinks. It leaps through locked doors. If you believe that, you won't mind if the state executes Madison Hobley.

  5. Pure Torture

    Police Lieutenant Raymond Patterson didn't believe his son Aaron was a gangbanger. He was wrong. Then he didn't believe that police officers had forced Aaron to confess to a double murder. He may have been wrong about that too.

  6. Poison in the System

    Darrell Cannon's upcoming hearing will include testimony by a parade of men who claim they were tortured by detectives in Area Two. Why won't the police department confront its demons?

  7. Shot in the Dark

    In the confusion surrounding the bloody shoot-out that killed Nick Richard, one thing is perfectly clear--the police department doesn't want to hear about it.

  8. Credit Where It's Due

  9. Address Correction Requested

  10. The Shocking Truth

    After insisting for years that Andrew Wilson was never tortured by police, why is the city now insisting that he was?

  11. Town Without Pity

    Police torture: The courts know about it, the media know about it, and chances are you know about it. So why aren't we doing anything about it?

  12. A Long Way From Latvia

    The young women came to Chicago illegally, expecting lucrative employment as dancers. Instead they found themselves working as strippers, prisoners of the "Lunatic of Lincolnwood."

  13. Deaf to the Screams

    The next state's attorney to investigate police torture in Chicago will be the first.

  14. Getting the Picture

    The life of a newspaper photographer isn't what it used to be. There may be hope for us yet.

  15. Follow the Money

    How IRS Agents Are Making Their Cases Against Crooked Judges in Operation Greylord

  16. Torture

    A center for the treatment of torture victims has opened in Uptown. Business is brisk.

  17. Minimum Security

    These Parts--The federal correctional camp at Oxford, Wisconsin, is home away from home for many of the judges and lawyers convicted in Operation Greylord. It's more comfortable than a penitentiary. But it's still a prison.

  18. Alex & Rena

    The Story of a 25-Year-Old Con Artist and His 82-Year-Old Mark

  19. Capital Crimes

    Despite obvious flaws in our criminal justice system, and a state history that includes the execution of at least four innocent men, the death penalty in Illinois remains immensely popular.

  20. The Irish Connection

    Murder in Winnetka: How FBI zealots, abetted by a naive local police force and a gullible press, made human-rights lawyer Jeanne Bishop a victim of her sister's slaying.

  21. The Electronic Pillory

    Chicago's new anti-prostitution strategy is to punish men arrested for soliciting sex by posting their names and photos on the Web. Is it right? Does it work?

  22. The Mysterious Third Device

  23. Torturers' Logic

    All over the world, torturers have one thing in common: they think they're doing the right thing.

  24. A Life of Crime

    At 76, Jim Rini looks back fondly on a career of theft, extortion, arson, and prison.

  25. On the Trail of Josef Mengele

    The governments of Israel, Germany, and the U.S. are satisfied that the depraved doctor of Auschwitz was buried in 1979. But for Eva Kor, one of the twins who survived his hideous experiments, the search goes on.

  26. Where in the World Is Molly Zelko?

    She was a Joliet journalist who had enemies in the local mob and more furs and jewelry than she could evidently afford. She disappeared 35 years ago. Some think she's still alive.

  27. What Does John Doe Know?

    The guy blocking the special prosecutor's report on Chicago police torture may be trying to protect more than his own name.

  28. The Good Cop

    Detective Frank Laverty did the right thing--and paidfor it for years.

  29. Confessions of a Torturer

    An Army Interrogator's Story

  30. Killed On Camera

    Officer Alvin Weems shot an unarmed man point-blank in view of CTA security cameras. Investigators recommended that he be fired. Phil Cline promoted him.

  31. Twenty Questions

    Lawyers for police torture victims are trying to get Mayor Daley on the stand. We've got a few things to ask him too.

  32. Follow-Up: The Meter's Still Running and the Mayor's Still Mum

    Since 2003 the city has paid some $7 million in legal fees to fight five police torture lawsuits it probably can't win. The latest turn in this saga involves a secret settlement agreement designed to protect Daley.

  33. Police Torture in Chicago

    An archive of articles by John Conroy on police torture and related issues

  34. Police Torture: Is This a Gag?

    The city's lawyers claim a gag order prevents them from discussing the strange deal they made to settle police torture lawsuits. There's no order.

  35. The Police Torture Scandal: A Who's Who

    1. The Ringleader: Jon Burge

  36. The Persistence of Andrew Wilson

    A cop killer who fought to expose torture in the Chicago Police Department has died, but his testimony from beyond the grave could still help bring down its perpetrators.

  37. The Police Torture Scandals: A Who's Who

    Since the first reports of Chicago police torture surfaced a quarter century ago the list has swelled to nearly 200 cases involving dozens of public employees--and still no one has been prosecuted. Now, with the results of a four-year, multimillion dollar

  38. The Police Torture Scandal: A Who's Who

    2. Other accused officers

  39. The Return of Larry Eyler

  40. Tools of Torture

    Though he continues to deny it, Jon Burge tortured suspects while he was a Chicago police detective. Now his contemporaries from Vietnam reveal where he may have learned the tricks of his trade.

  41. Blind Justices?

    The prosecutors who sent police torture victims to prison are now the judges who keep them there.

  42. Doe in the Headlights

    By trying so hard to keep his name out of the police torture report, Lawrence Hyman has made sure it's a name we'll always associate with police torture.

  43. Who Said What When

  44. The Police Torture Scandal: A Who's Who

    7. Can Do Something About It

  45. The Police Torture Scandal: A Who's Who

    6. Didn't Take the Fifth

  46. The Police Torture Scandal: A Who's Who

    5. Took the Fifth (Or Intend To)

  47. The Police Torture Scandal: A Who's Who

    4. Buried It

  48. The Police Torture Scandal: A Who's Who

    3. Knew About It

  49. House of Screams

    Torture by Electroshock: Could it happen in a Chicago police station? Did it happen at Area 2?