Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Jun 1, 2006
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  • Jun 1-7, 2006
  • Vol. 35, No. 36

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  • Circus Freak

    Looking for a subject to pull her out of the "women's fiction" ghetto, Sara Gruen immersed herself in the world of performing animals and sideshow freaks.
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  • A Self-Policing Press

    A Medill survey concludes that journalists don't do enough to stop unethical behavior in their own newsrooms. But what would "enough" be?
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  • The Mystical Other

    Marie "Big Mama" Roseman's quilts are undeniably visionary, but sometimes you'd think "outsiders" were the only artists with vision around here.
  • Book Review
  • Oral (and Anal) History

    Owen Keehnen's been writing "beat-off stories" for two decades, but his latest project is letting gay porn stars tell theirs.
  • Book Review
  • The Lemon Squeezers

    An editor at Chicago Review Press is cultivating a line of tell-alls from ladies who've loved rock stars.


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  • Man of the World

    Al Gore looks good in a new documentary about his global warming crusade, but that's the filmmakers' message, not his.