Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Mar 30, 2006
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  • Mar 30 - Apr 5, 2006
  • Vol. 35, No. 27

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  • A Mining Tragedy

    Miners from around the country come to Chicago doctor Bob Cohen for help getting coal companies to pay black lung benefits. And though the disease is preventable, he can only expect to get busier.
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  • Why Collins?

    The closing of a west-side high school with plum facilities has locals wondering about CPS's plans for the building.
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  • God's Got the Last Word

    But the blues scene rallied to put in a good one for singer, minister, activist, and onetime pimp Little Scotty.

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  • A Man and His Banjo

    Hobart Smith's brain was a treasure trove of mountain music, but when he died in 1965 he hadn't even released an album. Now a student of one of his students has taken up his cause.
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  • Consume This Movie

    For a philosopher who believes the capitalist system makes enjoyment impossible, he sure is hilarious.