Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Feb 2, 2006
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  • Feb 2-8, 2006
  • Vol. 35, No. 19

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  • Follow That Draft

    You turn off the lights when you leave the room, you keep the thermostat at 65, and you just spent a few grand on storm windows. But your home may still be hemorrhaging energy. These guys can help.

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  • A Quirky Cowboy Classic

    In his first feature as a director, a western about the mistreatment of Mexicans in west Texas, Tommy Lee Jones puts his trust in the power of storytelling.

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  • Night Spies

    This week at: The corner of Sheffield and School

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  • Our Town
  • Ambushed

    Suzannah Martin's coworkers and fiance ratted her out to the fashion police.