Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Nov 17, 2005
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  • Nov 17-23, 2005
  • Vol. 35, No. 8

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  • From the Front

    Two new memoirs by recent Iraq vets display distinctly contemporary attitudes toward the war.

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  • The Wizards of iZ

    Meet the boys at Big Monster Toys, birthplace of the Furby for the iPod generation.
  • Our Town
  • A Proper Good-bye

    For the friends of Lee Solomon, aka Little Howlin' Wolf, a church service wasn't enough.
  • Chicago Antisocial
  • The Immoderates

    Housewares magnate Jonathan Adler gives our heroine a taste of her own medicine. Plus: it stops being fashion when we can see your cootch.
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  • Night Spies

    This week at: Cleo's