Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Oct 6, 2005
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  • Oct 6-12, 2005
  • Vol. 35, No. 2

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  • To Mordor and Back

    Drugs and alcohol nearly ruined Sarz Maxwell's life. Writing dirty stories about hobbits made it worth living again.
  • Our Town
  • She Talks to Angels

    They like soft music, they can help you find parking, and they'll never refer to you as "dude."
  • Our Town
  • Naked Truth

    Joe Swanberg's first feature takes a long, embarrassing look at postcollegiate sex.
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  • Clueless

    Melanie Rehak's history of the women who wrote the Nancy Drew books is a heap of facts in search of a thesis.

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  • Night Spies

    This week at: Lincoln Park Zoo