Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Mar 10, 2005
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  • Mar 10-16, 2005
  • Vol. 34, No. 24

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  • Architecture
  • Pod Sweet Pod

    New interest in manufactured housing has produced some designer dwellings to die for. But so far nobody's figured out how to make good-looking prefab affordable.
  • Book Review
  • Our Bodies, Our Hells

    The headache that wouldn't die, an anthropological look at fat, and a diluted natural history of blood.

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News & Politics

  • Our Town
  • Chasing the Half-Moon

    Bill Rossberger spent more than 30 years looking for Franklin D. Roosevelt's schooner. Last month he found it--sort of.
  • Essay
  • Arrogance on Wheels

    CTA officials could still revise their controversial Brown Line reconstruction plan. But they'd rather shove it down our throats.
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  • Night Spies

    This week at: The KFC at Ashland and Catalpa