Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Nov 25, 2004
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  • Nov 25 - Dec 1, 2004
  • Vol. 34, No. 9

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  • Hot Shot

    For decades street photographer Gary Stochl never showed his work to a soul--not even his parents. Now, thanks to a twist of fate or two, he's in the Art Institute's collection and has a monograph on the way.
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  • Paradise Lost

    The projects used to be a great place to live, says Jim Fuerst. Then the CHA fired the woman who made them that way.
  • Our Town
  • Do-It-Yourself Radio

    When La X radio vanished from the airwaves--taking his drive-time gig with it--Eddie "Mozkito" Cruz started his own station.
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  • Stormy Weather

    After eight years of delays, the last great old jazz haunt on 47th Street is on the verge of getting renovated. But the group that hoped to fill the place with music is falling apart.
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  • The Independent

    In his day he was misunderstood, but in the iMovie age John Cassavetes seems positively prescient.


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    This Week at: Sharper Fitness Health Club