Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Jul 10, 2003
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  • Jul 10-16, 2003
  • Vol. 32, No. 41

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  • The Legacy of Papa Yum

    Old Yown's first Chinese restaurant was a hub for the neighborhood's finest--strippers, pimps, drag queens, cops, cabbies, up-and-coming cemedians, and even Mike Royko. But after three generations, the Golden Dragon's time has passed.
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  • Preemptive Strike?

    A handful of activists planning to disrupt Boeing's shareholder meeting at the Renaissance Hotel had barely made it out of their room when they were shown the door by a battalion of cops.

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  • The Voice of Summer

    Cubs radio man Vince Lloyd died last week. Maybe now the ball club will give him his propers.

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  • Toy Story/Exposing Himself

    The Museum of Science and Industry's new exhibit, an assembly line designed to churn out souvenir tops, is supposed to exemplify "man's ability to streamline production." Now if they could only get the damn thing to work.

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