Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Feb 13, 2003
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  • Feb 13-19, 2003
  • Vol. 32, No. 20

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  • How Could He?

    Many Lakeview activists saw Tom Tunney as the guy to beat Bernie Hansen, the machine's man in the 44th Ward, but he always refused to run. Now he's going for it--as Hansen's handpicked successor and with Mayor Daley's blessing.
  • Our Town
  • How to Be Invisible

    One has written his first novel; the other has a new self-produced CD. The boys of Ghostweed Press are gifted, funny, and completely hopeless at getting noticed.
  • Our Town
  • Kiss Your Ass Good-bye

    Structural engineers are thinking about how to make buildings that can stand up to terrorism. Their conclusion at a recent meeting of minds: stay away from bombs.

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  • They Only Wanted to Help/In Other News

    Jeff and Diane McFarlin started their Web site as a service to help theaters network. They found out the hard way that networking sometimes involves fighting and people don't like to pay for something they once got for free.


  • Night Spies

    We are at Harry's Velvet Room.