Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Dec 5, 2002
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  • Dec 5-11, 2002
  • Vol. 32, No. 10

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  • Can This Patient Be Saved?

    The restoration of Loredo Taft's mammoth sculpture on the Midway Plaisance has been expensive and time-consuming, but as the bandages come off a true masterpiece is being revealed.
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  • Special Deliveries

    Feeling a little uptight about replenishing your supply of Astroglide? Chase Myers knows how you feel, and he's happy to help.
  • Our Town
  • Bit by Bit

    Ron Keaton makes a decent living onstage--a rare feat, even if he'll never play Hamlet.
  • Our Town
  • Punk Publisher

    John Pierson's Hope and Nonthings reinvents itself to save Chicago's plays from obscurity.

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  • Night Spies

    We are at Red Dog.