Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Nov 14, 2002
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  • Nov 14-20, 2002
  • Vol. 32, No. 7

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  • What Have We Done?

    Joel Greenberg's book on the natural history of Illinois chronicles the unavoidable clash between those who seek to save the wilderness and those who seek to subdue it.
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  • Songs of Themselves

    Literary fiction is thought to defy classification, but thanks to decades of workshopping and inbreeding, litfic's got as many trademark tics as mystery or sci-fi.
  • Our Town
  • Where He's Coming From

    Luis Aguilera says his first book subverted stereotypes about young inner-city Latinos, but it led some critics to simply file him under "barrio."
  • Our Town
  • Making a Scene

    Would a few more cocktail parties make Chicago the literary center it ought to be?
  • Our Town
  • The Great Unknown

    Catherine Scherer is one of the city's most prolific and accomplished writers. That doesn't mean anyone has ever heard of her.
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  • Reading Is Incidental

    Book purchasing is down and expert librarians are being transferred out of their specialities: this is the new and improved library system.
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  • Dying on the Vine

    Despite promising starts and a scattering of stars, "midwest noir" remains an unappreciated genre.
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  • Raw Power

    The bloody tales of Donald Goines came straight from the streets--and from a burning desire to keep others from following his path of self-destruction.
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  • Booby Prize

    You would think publishing this year's Nobel winner would count for something, but Northwestern canned Susan Harris, former director of the university's press, and is rethinking its mission.

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  • Night Spies

    We are at Starfish.