Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Mar 14, 2002
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  • Mar 14-20, 2002
  • Vol. 31, No. 24

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  • Coda/Somebody's Lion

    Composer Robert Kritz let his gift languish for 40 years, but now he's back and his reputation is building.

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  • Runway Inflation

    Ignoring history, viable alternatives, and common sense, the people pushing for an airport in Peotone are dragging us all into their fantasy world.
  • Our Town
  • Just Here on Business

    This isn't a pub crawl--it's a bunch of guys going from bar to bar and having a drink at each one.
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  • For a Song

    The audience is small and shows are few and far between, but walking musical encyclopedia Ralph Lampkin lives and breathes cabaret.
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  • Squeezing Daley's Pols

    Frank Avila isn't just another guy pulling for a family member to get elected--he's a tough-talking brawler gunning for the Latino wing of the mayor's machine.