Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Jan 30, 1997
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  • Jan 30 - Feb 5, 1997
  • Vol. 26, No. 17

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  • Negative Thinking

    Worn down by 15 years of AIDS, many gay men find it difficult to maintain the level of safety and vigilance that has kept them HIV free.
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  • The Great Divide

    Myron Orfield's maps tells us much about the gulf between the classes--maybe more than the MacArthur Foundation wants us to know.
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  • Toll-Free Call

    Joe Ann Bradly wants to be the first black woman on the Toll Highway Authority board. And then she wants to put it out of business.

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  • Feigen Flees

    Amid rumors that Chicago is losing its place in the art world, Feigen's Lance Kinz and Susan Reynolds pack up and head for New York.