Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Jul 16, 1992
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  • Jul 16-22, 1992
  • Vol. 21, No. 40

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  • Cop Watch

    For more than 20 years Mary Powers and the civilian watchdog group Citizens Alert have been monitoring the force that's meant to serve and protect.
  • Our Town
  • Final Heat

    America's best chefs move up in the international culinary olympics
  • Essay
  • Cityscape: Water Falls in Blue Island

    The state siad the water pouring out of the treatment plants into the Cal Sag Channel contained too much sewage and not enough oxygen. Sanitary District engineer Bill Macaitis had an ingenious solution.
  • Miscellany
  • Communitarianism

    With a platform that seems equal parts liberal and conservative, a fledgling political movement urges American to stop obsessing about rights and take some responsibility.
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