Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Dec 12, 1991
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  • Dec 12-18, 1991
  • Vol. 21, No. 9

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  • Good Cop, Bad Cop

    What is it about Detective Kriston Kato that makes murder suspects so eager to confess?
  • Our Town
  • Automatic Callback

    I strarted slowly, then began experimenting. Before I knew it I was pressing *69 at the drop of a hat.
  • Essay
  • Reading: It Grew on the Prairie

    William Cronon's thesis about the "Great West" is almost a platitude. But his research is so deep and his details so apt that his reader sees the "obvious" with new eyes.
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  • Field Day

    My aunt was a vibrant and youthful-looking septuagenarian who withstood the indignities of aging with annoyance and defiance yet grace and charm. She had no money but in little ways she had appropriated the public grid of Chicago--its libraries and parks,
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