Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Sep 5, 1991
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  • Sep 5-11, 1991
  • Vol. 20, No. 47

News & Politics

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  • The Simpson Strategy

    Without knowing who his opponent will be--Rostenkowski or Annunzio--the poli-sci prof and former independent alderman readies his run for Congress.
  • Our Town
  • Portraits

    A pastel of your child? A bronze bust of your father? An oil of your lover draped seductively on a couch? Kathleen Van Ella has an artist for you.
  • Essay
  • Cityscape: The Plan to Save State Street

    For $60 million the Greater State Street Council wants to demall it, restreet it, recar, rethink, and revive it as the heart of a new Loop. It's a great plan--for 1985.

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