Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Apr 18, 1991
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  • Apr 18-24, 1991
  • Vol. 20, No. 27

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  • Human Relations Public Relations Power Relations

    The Revamped Commission on Human Relations: Is it the Daley administration's most significant act of political leadership to date? Or a typical consolidation of control over a variety of irksome minorities? Or both?
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  • Reading: The Curse of Columbus

    In Kirkpatrick Sale's eyes, the explorer's story is one not of adventure and progress but of genocide, environmental degradation, and spiritual malaise.
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  • Extended Care

    After 87 years, my hardworking, dirt-fighting German American mother finally finds herself in a place free of life's clutter. "this is not my home," she says, "this will never be my home." We both know she will never have another.
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  • Tavern Tunes

    After 23 years, Lonnie Simmons is still taking requests at Biasetti's.