Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Jun 15, 1989
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  • Jun 15-21, 1989
  • Vol. 18, No. 35

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  • The Coke Generation

    Just one use of cocaine by a woman in early pregnancy can have serious long-term effects on the child. Doctors are beginning to fear a wave of hyperactice, learning-disabled children.
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  • First Person: Why Victor Can't Read

    Suburban and middle-class kids know what raccoons and freight and having one's own room are. To Victor they are as abstract as amaranth and happiness.
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  • Reading: Children of the Void

    Inspired, terrified, hypnotized by punk, Greil Marcus sets off in search of its antecedents--people who took up the Big No and attacked the world with it.

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  • Art and Business

    Should Midwestern Mucketymuck Continue Funding the School of the Art Institute?