Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Apr 13, 1989
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  • Apr 13-19, 1989
  • Vol. 18, No. 26

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  • Our Town
  • Rose Farina

    A Brief Interview With the Daley Center's Manager of Events
  • Essay
  • Cityscape: Planning for Daley

    For the past six years civic and community groups have enjoyed an extraordinary amount of influence over city planning decisions. Can they work with the new mayor?
  • Essay
  • Politics: The Movement's Next Move

    In the size as well as the shape of its vote, the progressive coalition looks very much today as it looked in February 1983. There's no reason now for fratricide or finger-pointing.
  • Miscellany
  • The Family Farm

    As a young boy I spent many summers on my grandparents' farm in Ford County, Illinois. The farm is still there, but the life my grandparents led and the kind of farming they practiced have vanished.
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