Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Jan 12, 1989
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  • Jan 12-18, 1989
  • Vol. 18, No. 13

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  • Glory Days

    Members of five Chicago pop bands--the Buckinghams, Shadows of Knight, Cryan' Shames, American Breed, and New Colony Six--look back to the 60s, when they were making it, and look forward to making it again.
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  • Reading: A Groupie's Claim to Fame

    Alongside the vicarious thrill of a fan's passion and the titillation of backstage sex, Pamela Des Barres's updated confession offers something quite frightening.
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  • School for Scoundrels

    State law requires that all prisoners under age 17 must go to school, no matter how heinous their crimes. So the Board of Education runs a school for them, and Dee Oglesby tries to teach them how to write.
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