Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Oct 6, 1988
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  • Oct 6-12, 1988
  • Vol. 17, No. 51

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  • Minimum Security

    These Parts--The federal correctional camp at Oxford, Wisconsin, is home away from home for many of the judges and lawyers convicted in Operation Greylord. It's more comfortable than a penitentiary. But it's still a prison.
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  • Auction

    These Parts: Raising Money With the Mennonites in Goshen, Indiana
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  • Reading: Lennon Mania

    Are we really upset with Albert Goldman, who wrote the despicable biography, or with John Lennon, who lived the lamentable life?
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  • Saved From the Sandsuckers

    These Parts—Grand Mere, Michigan's new state park, covers nearly a thousand acres of wild, unspoiled dunes country. If not for a band of determined conservationists, it might be a sand mine or a can factory.
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  • Miscellany
  • "Here is the place!"

    These Parts--Erik Jansson and his Swedish disciples arrived at Bishop Hill, Illinois, with dreams of establishing a New World utopia. They failed, of course, but the town they left behind isn't bad.
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