Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Jul 16, 1987
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  • Jul 16-22, 1987
  • Vol. 16, No. 39

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  • Burning Rubber

    The Noise of Summer: Puerto Rican Racing and the Cult of Toyota
  • Our Town
  • Ball Hawks

    The Waveland Avenue Regulars: When the Cubs hit a homer, they have the ball.
  • Essay
  • Reading: 13 Mayors of Chicago

    Political biography is the ostensible focus of this book, but its true themes are ethnicity, race, factionalism, and vice as both issue and administrative style.
  • Essay
  • Politics: Simon on the Stump

    For Paul Simon, who styles himself a friend of farmers, Iowa is an essential first step. If he doesn't win there or finish a strong second, he'll quickly drop out of sight.


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