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  • The Great Buddha+
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    The Great Buddha+ (NR)

    In this deadpan Taiwanese comedy, two small-town layabouts uncover a stash of surveillance camera videos that implicate a local government official in criminal behavior. more...
  • Nocturama
  • Nocturama (NR)

    Nocturama, Bertrand Bonello's arty French thriller about a coordinated terror attack in Paris, wrapped production just before ISIL staged its horrifying November 2015 assault on multiple targets in the city, claiming 130 lives. more...
  • Holiday
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    Holiday (NR)

    A misfit teenager (Juan Arregui) is sent by his divorced mother to spend spring break with his aunt, uncle, and cousins, and during the course of his stay he wrestles with feelings of sexual attraction to a leather-clad biker (Diego Paredes). more...
  • The Incident
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    The Incident (NR)

    Like Philip K. Dick's Time Out of Joint and certain episodes of The Twilight Zone, this Mexican SF parable (2014) has two concurrent story lines. more...
  • Aurora
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    Aurora (NR)

    After reading in the newspaper about a baby found dead at a local garbage dump, a childless schoolteacher decides she's going to adopt the infant posthumously so she can give it a decent burial. more...
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  • Dr. Funes' Formula
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    Dr. Funes' Formula (NR)

    Eleven-year-old Martin (Emanuel Latanzio) falls in with the elderly mad doctor next door (Daniel Carrera), whose revolutionary age-reversing drug turns him into a schoolboy as well; adopted temporarily by Martin's credulous parents, the new boy causes havoc at school and eventually crosses swords with a malicious academic rival who's come looking for him. more...
  • Lock Charmer
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    Lock Charmer (NR)

    In this low-key variation on Stephen King's The Dead Zone, a shy locksmith in Buenos Aires acquires the ability to intuit his clients' innermost secrets and discovers that most people get through life by lying to themselves. more...
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  • The Silence of the Flies
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    The Silence of the Flies (NR)

    At the beginning of this Venezuelan documentary (2013), an onscreen title announces that reported instances of suicide in remote Andean communities have risen steadily over the past two decades; what follows is not a journalistic account but rather a poetic meditation on the social repercussions of the crisis. more...
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    Marriage (NR)

    Veteran Argentinean actors Dario Grandinetti and Cecilia Roth play a married couple on the verge of divorce after 20 years together. more...
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    Open Wound (NR)

    This Argentinian-Ecuadoran coproduction takes place during the 1941 border war between Ecuador and Peru, though it plays like any number of Hollywood World War II movies from the 50s. more...