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  • Saturday Church
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    Saturday Church

    A queer Bronx teenager, bullied at home and at school, finds refuge in a community of homeless young people, some gay and some transsexual, who encourage him to own his sexual identity and his desire to perform in drag. more...
  • Samba
  • Samba (R)

    Though a considerable box office success in France, The Intouchables (2011)—a dramatic comedy about a wealthy, white quadriplegic who bonds with his poor, black caregiver—inspired an impassioned cultural backlash. more...
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    Seoul Searching

    In Seoul Searching (Fri 4/1, 7:45 PM), writer-director Benson Lee revisits his experience in the mid-1980s when, as a Korean-American teenager, he was sent to an annual summer camp in the title city to reconnect with his roots. more...
  • 7 Chinese Brothers
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    7 Chinese Brothers

    Writer-director Bob Byington showed potential as a social satirist with his provocative 2008 indie RSO (Registered Sex Offender), but this slacker comedy lacks any such venom. more...
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    The Summer of Sangaile

    This week brings the 33rd edition of Reeling—now inclusively subtitled “The LGBTQ+ International Film Festival”—and with it two coming-of-age tales individualized enough to redeem the genre. more...
  • Speculation Nation
  • Speculation Nation

    In the experimental documentary I Have Always Been a Dreamer (2012), director Sabine Gruffat attempted a melange of stylistic approaches to offer a fresh perspective on Detroit's ongoing economic crisis; this follow-up—codirected by her partner, Bill Brown—is just as imaginative in its approach to economic woes in Spain. more...
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    A young man in Taipei, claiming that a strange soul has taken over his body, returns to the care of his father (Jimmy Wang Yu, a star of martial arts films in the 1960s and '70s), who lives atop a remote mountain and doesn't seem too normal himself. more...
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  • The Silence of the Flies
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    The Silence of the Flies (NR)

    At the beginning of this Venezuelan documentary (2013), an onscreen title announces that reported instances of suicide in remote Andean communities have risen steadily over the past two decades; what follows is not a journalistic account but rather a poetic meditation on the social repercussions of the crisis. more...
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    The Sheik

    Rudolph Valentino found his definitive screen image in this 1921 rape romance, as a dashing desert vagabond who captures a tempestuous English girl. more...
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    Two cousins pose as cell-phone company representatives and travel the Czech countryside, collecting bribes from naive landowners who want a signal tower constructed on their property. more...