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  • The Magic of Belle Isle (PG)

    A bitter, alcoholic novelist (Morgan Freeman) moves into a lakeside cabin to crank out a long-delayed western but spends most of his time bonding with the woman next door (Virginia Madsen) and her three daughters. more...
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  • Madrid, 1987

    A self-important newspaper columnist (José Sacristán) attempts to seduce a naive young writing student (Maria Valverde) and ends up locked in a bathroom with her overnight. more...
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  • A Day at the Races (NR)

    The Marx Brothers' second MGM movie (1937) has its moments, but the anarchy of the Paramount period was obviously gone forever. more...
  • This Day and Age (NR)

    A slice of De Mille dementia from 1933, with Cecil's patented blend of Republican politics and sexual hysteria in a story about a neofascist boys club out to clean up civic corruption. more...
  • Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life (NR)

    A fascinating (and fascinatingly dated) 1925 silent documentary by Merian Cooper and Ernest Schoedsack, the codirectors of King Kong, about a U.S. travel expedition through the mountains of Turkey and Persia—more specifically, about the annual migration of more than 50,000 Bakhtiari tribesmen with their cattle in search of fresh pastures. more...
  • The Front Runner
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    The Front Runner (R)

    Only two flaws mar this energetic, wry drama about Colorado senator Gary Hart's failed 1988 bid for the U.S. presidency. more...
  • Green Book
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    Green Book (PG-13)

    In 1962, a working-class Italian-American bouncer from the Bronx (Viggo Mortensen) becomes chauffeur to a world-renowned pianist (Mahershala Ali), who happens to be black and gay. more...
  • Instant Family
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    Instant Family (PG-13)

    Mark Wahlberg must have agreed to this loathsome family comedy out of loyalty to director Sean Anders, his collaborator on their previous hits Daddy's Home and . I'd much rather believe that than (a) the star is losing his touch for picking the right projects, or (b) he's realized there's a seemingly ever-widening market of ticket buyers who like their movies as stupid as can be, and he's bellying up to cash in. more...
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  • Widows
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    Widows (R)

    Director Steve McQueen tries his hand at a mainstream thriller, approaching that genre no differently than he does the art film. more...