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    Patang (NR)

    A wealthy Indian businessman (Mukund Shukla) returns to his hometown of Ahmedabad on the eve of its annual kite festival, hoping to mend relationships with his estranged family. more...
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    Paths of Glory: Anatomy of a Film (NR)

    Stanley Kubrick's stunning antiwar drama Paths of Glory (1957) gets a thorough exegesis from Columbia College adjunct faculty David Spodak, who wrote, directed, and narrated this 2009 documentary. more...
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    Player (NR)

    An end credit offering "special thanks" to Bertolt Brecht and Alexander Pushkin underscores the talkiness of this neo-noir, whose story might have fared better onstage. more...
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  • Porto (NR)

    Two brooding expats (Anton Yelchin, Lucie Lucas) meet by chance in Porto, Portugal, and share an intimate night they relive for years afterward. more...
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    Profane (NR)

    Like a bargain-basement version of Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void, this Chicago-shot feature by Usama Alshaibi (Nice Bombs) uses a panoply of shock tactics—rapid editing, blurry superimpositions, drug use, and S-M—to evoke nauseous fascination with the sexual underworld. more...
  • Professor (NR)

    The secret dream of most academics is to accrue enough prestige and grant money that they'll never have to teach again, but Jay Holstein, professor of religious studies at the University of Iowa, happily foregoes research and publication in favor of a double teaching load. more...