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    I Declare War

    This Canadian feature cleverly mixes archetypes from war films and coming-of-age movies, defamiliarizing both genres in the process. more...
  • I, Tonya
  • I, Tonya (R)

    One of the most difficult moves in professional figure skating competitions is a triple axel, which requires the skater to leap forward from the outside edge of one skate blade, rotate three and a half times in the air, and land on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. more...
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    In this Chilean drama, a woman who's concealed her illiteracy for the past 50 years (Paulina Garcia) becomes the reluctant student of a determined young teacher (Valentina Muhr). more...
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    In My Sleep (PG-13)

    A sex-addicted masseur with a sleepwalking problem (no, really) begins to suspect himself of doing terrible things while unconscious; after his best friend's wife is murdered, he embarks on a self-investigation, part detective work and part self-help, to determine whether he's the culprit. more...
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    In Search of Memory

    Neuroscientist Eric Kandel won the Nobel Prize in 2000 for his study of how neurons allow us to store memories, and this German documentary by Petra Seeger, adapted from Kandel’s book of the same title, explains his findings while dipping into his memories of the Holocaust. more...
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    Incessant Visions

    The life of German architect Erich Mendelsohn was so interesting that it shines through the bland presentation of this short documentary. more...
  • The Incident
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    The Incident (NR)

    Like Philip K. Dick's Time Out of Joint and certain episodes of The Twilight Zone, this Mexican SF parable (2014) has two concurrent story lines. more...
  • The Infinite Happiness
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    The Infinite Happiness

    Documentary makers Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine explore the 8 House in suburban Copenhagen, a large mixed-use development built in the shape of a figure eight. more...