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    Abdia do Nasciemento

    The subject of this 2011 Brazilian documentary was an early demonstrator for Afro-Brazilian civil rights, the founder of the enormously influential Black Experimental Theater (founded in the 40s), a professor at many prominent American universities (including Wesleyan and Yale), a senator, and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. more...
  • The Absent One

    The Dept. Q Trilogy, based on three best-selling crime novels by Danish writer Jussi Adler-Olsen, draws comparisons with Stieg Larsson's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo franchise: set in Scandinavia and featuring a sullen male protagonist, it's violent, hard-boiled, and psychologically disturbing. more...
  • After Louie
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    After Louie

    This debut feature from longtime gay-rights activist Vincent Gagliostro, about a middle-aged New York artist (Alan Cumming) making a film about the ACT UP generation and a close friend who died of AIDS, is a valuable meditation on generational differences, particularly between gay men who lived through the worst years of the AIDS crisis and those who came of age afterward. more...
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  • After the Rain
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    After the Rain (NR)

    As proven by Olivier Assayas (Something in the Air), Bernardo Bertolucci (The Dreamers), and several hundred other European art film directors, there's no political upheaval so important that it can't be turned into a backdrop for the adolescent anger and desire of beautiful middle-class kids. more...
  • Against the Law
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    Against the Law

    This somber BBC production, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1967 British law decriminalizing homosexuality, intercuts eyewitness accounts from grizzled survivors of homophobia in postwar England with a dramatic treatment of the life of journalist and activist Peter Wildeblood. more...
  • All the Rage
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    All the Rage

    Michael Galinsky abandoned this documentary about Dr. John Sarno in 2004 but revived it years later after debilitating back pain prompted him to reconnect with the acclaimed but controversial physician. more...
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    And While We Were Here (R)

    Set on the stunning Italian island of Ischia, this indie drama tells the story of an American woman (Kate Bosworth) who befriends a 19-year-old heartthrob (Jamie Blackley) while on a work-related vacation with her detached husband (Iddo Goldberg). more...
  • Angel (NR)

    One of Ernst Lubitsch's rare forays into melodrama, this 1937 feature centers on the neglected wife (Marlene Dietrich) of a British ambassador (Herbert Marshall, the jewel thief from Trouble in Paradise); after having a fling in Paris, she learns that her paramour (Melvyn Douglas) fought alongside her husband in World War I. Dietrich clashed with Lubitsch throughout the production, which may explain why she gives such a stubbornly uncharismatic performance; the professions of romantic longing on which the plot hinges are seldom convincing. more...
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  • Aurora
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    Aurora (NR)

    After reading in the newspaper about a baby found dead at a local garbage dump, a childless schoolteacher decides she's going to adopt the infant posthumously so she can give it a decent burial. more...
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