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Bars in Hyde Park

Recommended Bars in Hyde Park

  • The Cove Lounge
    Classic Bar
    The Cove Lounge Hyde Park
    If the vintage marquee and "Welcome U of C Students!" banner don't make you feel all warm and fuzzy, the Croatian grog might. Karlovacko, slightly fruity with a mild body, is one of the Cove's staple bottled brews, with sops »
  • Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap
    Classic Bar
    Quintessentially Hyde Park, and frequented by an eclectic mix of locals, students, game watchers, and professors, Jimmy's is a dive with a dim, cavernous interior and a quirky soul. The businesslike bartenders make their martinis strong, and the burgers and »
  • The University of Chicago Pub
    Classic Bar
    Tucked into the basement of the U. of C.'s Ida Noyes Hall, the Pub is semiprivate, with a $10 annual membership for those affiliated with the university and $5 cover for nonmembers or members' guests. There are more than 100 »

Bars in Hyde Park

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