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Recommended Bars in Logan Square

  • Billy Sunday
    Billy Sunday Logan Square
    A craft cocktail joint from Matthias Merges (Yusho), Billy Sunday is dark, charming, and right at home here in the overstuffed heart (or stomach) of Logan Square. The chief surprise and pleasure of it is bartender Alex Bachman's creative and »
  • Bob Inn
    Dive Bar
    Bob Inn Logan Square
    During the Fireside Bowl's heyday, the Bob Inn served as the pre- and postshow watering hole of choice for generations of punks. The shows across the street are gone, but the bar’s cheap-ass drinks, affectionate staff, and comfortably divey atmosphere »
  • Burlington
    Music venue
    Burlington Logan Square
    Removed from the well-populated bar village sitting just east on Milwaukee Avenue, the Burlington—which had a hefty stake in the neighborhood's realm of hip prior to the recent gold rush—reinvented itself by adding a well-booked, acoustically sound back-room music venue »
  • Helen's Two-Way Lounge
    Dive Bar
    Helen's Two-Way Lounge Logan Square
    An established dive that has loyally stayed put during the neighborhood’s gradual, for-better-or-worse makeover, Helen's Two-Way Lounge sits at the wedge of Milwaukee and Fullerton and takes its name from the facing doors that open onto each street—an easy way »
  • Logan Arcade
    Craft Beer
    Logan Arcade Logan Square
    Logan Arcade is the third member inducted into the community of Chicago barcades, just behind Emporium and Headquarters. Jim Zespy and crew moved their vinyl shop, Logan Hardware, three blocks west and built a King of Kong-themed mecca, complementing an »
  • Longman & Eagle
    Longman & Eagle Logan Square
    At Longman & Eagle the throngs are as apt to tie up the tables early Monday evening as they are late Friday night. Good thing there's a craft cocktail list delectable (and affordable) enough to make it worth sampling just »
  • Masa Azul
    Masa Azul Logan Square
    Asking partner Jason Lerner about one of the scores of tequilas and mezcals at this restaurant and lounge is to unleash an agave evangelist. And since April 2014, the spirits list has been further boosted (particularly with regard to mezcal) »
  • Owen & Engine
    Owen & Engine Logan Square
    This gastropub strategically sited across from a multiplex is decked out to resemble the place your great-granda headed for after the grouse hunt. A certified cicerone just might visit your table midmeal and insist on pouring sample pairings, with detailed »
  • The Owl
    4 AM Bar
    The Owl Logan Square
    There's a waterfall behind the bar—that’s definitely something. Fortunately, though, the 4 AM spot brought to Logan Square by the people behind Estelle's, Easy Bar, and Alive One has a handful of other amenities, including a solid rotation of 17 »
  • Parson's Chicken & Fish
    Conceptually, Parson's has as much if not more in common with Big Star as it does with a typical Harold's Chicken Shack. It has a great big patio (it's an ice rink in the winter), servicing drinkers with brisk, boozy »
  • The Radler
    The Radler Logan Square
    Logan Square's first Bavarian-style beer hall offers a changing locally brewed "haus" beer engineered to pair well with food and not fill you up too much should you opt for a liter rather than a half-liter stein. (It's also used »
  • Reno
    Reno Logan Square
    You could spend all day at this all-things-to-all-people spot, an experience that can be augmented by an intriguing wine list, cocktails, and a spirits roll heavy on inexpensive but worthy whiskeys. —Mike Sula
  • Revolution Brewing Company
    Craft Beer
    Beer geeks drain the house brews here faster than brewer Jim Cibak can produce them. Lines of stoic bearded dudes stream in and back out again with biceps curled around growlers of hoppy IPAs, roasty stouts, and spicy Belgian-style brews, »
  • Scofflaw
    Craft Cocktails
    Scofflaw Logan Square
    A rebellious mix of the baroque and the affordable, Scofflaw makes a perfect square of Logan Square's premier cocktail destinations (Lula, Longman & Eagle, the Whistler). Head mixologist and co-owner Danny Shapiro has mixed more than his fair share of »
  • Slippery Slope
    Slippery Slope Logan Square
    This place couldn't be more accurately named. With its red-lit interior, loud DJs, slightly too-drinkable prebottled cocktails, and absurdly cheap Hamm's pours, this charmingly dingy joint run by the people behind Scofflaw is an easy place to lose track of »
  • Weegee's Lounge
    Craft Cocktails
    Weegee's Lounge Logan Square
    Aside from offering an expertly prepared gin rickey, sidecar, and old-fashioned, this joint is arguably the most tolerable locale with a shuffleboard table in the city. Located off the Logan Square beaten path of cool, the dimly lit, rarely too »
  • Whirlaway Lounge
    Corner Tap
    Whirlaway Lounge Logan Square
    Forever one of Logan Square's best dives, the Whirlaway feels homey and pleasant, like you’re getting drunk in your parents’ basement. The decor is suspended in the early 90s—never mind the massive flat-screen TV sitting three feet behind the bar—and »
  • Whistler
    Music venue
    Whistler Logan Square
    Part storefront art installation, part eclectic music venue (and record label), mostly craft-cocktail mecca, the Whistler is a Chicago destination, forget about neighborhood spot. Just don’t let the Friday- and Saturday-night lines deter you from visiting at more reasonable hours. »

Bars in Logan Square

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