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Bars in Avondale

Recommended Bars in Avondale

  • Alice's Lounge
    Karaoke Bar
    Alice's Lounge Avondale
    One of the best worst decisions you can make on a Saturday night at 3 AM, Alice's is quite probably the city's best late-night karaoke spot. Filled with laser lights, fog, and the clever and off-color quips of karaoke keeper »
  • Crown Liquors
    Crown Liquors Avondale
    Late last year, the folks behind Dante's Pizza and the Rocking Horse took over Crown and turned a dumpy liquor-store/dive bar into a less dumpy liquor-store/dive bar with lots of charm—and foosball and that really fun Addams Family pinball machine. »
  • Edelweiss Tavern
    Corner Tap
    Edelweiss Tavern Avondale
    Formerly known as Wee Willy’s, this spacious but cozy watering hole updated its name to Edelweiss Tavern when it came under new ownership a while back. The scene remains pretty much untouched, though: drinks are cheap and strong, and the »
  • Lost Lake
    Lost Lake Avondale
    Chicago has become something of a modern tiki mecca, thanks to Paul McGee, the cocktail visionary who previously helmed River North's Three Dots and a Dash, where I learned that midwest winters are best handled with strong (never cloying) rum »
  • Small Bar
    Small Bar Avondale
    Around since 1907, this cozy corner spot with its brick walls and tin ceiling represents the most old-school and authentic hangout of the Small Bar brand. The beer list is extensive, featuring 60-odd international and craft brews—a chalkboard lists the »

Bars in Avondale

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