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Recommended Karaoke Bars

  • 240 Lounge
    Dive Bar
    240 Lounge Albany Park
    This neighbor to the Admiral Theatre blasts stripper tunes and boasts a wall of autographed photos of touring porn stars. There's also a fearsome iridescent ball and chain and a selection of leather belts to assist in bachelor party ritual »
  • Alice's Lounge
    Karaoke Bar
    Alice's Lounge Avondale
    One of the best worst decisions you can make on a Saturday night at 3 AM, Alice's is quite probably the city's best late-night karaoke spot. Filled with laser lights, fog, and the clever and off-color quips of karaoke keeper »
  • Edelweiss Tavern
    Corner Tap
    Edelweiss Tavern Avondale
    Formerly known as Wee Willy’s, this spacious but cozy watering hole updated its name to Edelweiss Tavern when it came under new ownership a while back. The scene remains pretty much untouched, though: drinks are cheap and strong, and the »
  • Jackhammer
    Music venue
    Jackhammer Rogers Park/West Rogers Park
    Some assholes are trying to rebrand the corner of Devon and Ashland "RogersEdge," but bars like the Jackhammer should help keep gentrification at bay. Unlike neighbor Touche, though, the 'Hammer's no seedy dive. As a local alternative to the Boystown »
  • Murasaki Sake Lounge
    DJ /Dance Bar
    Murasaki Sake Lounge Gold Coast/Mag Mile/Streeterville
    Neighborhood patrons say this used to be a private club back in the day, and from the looks of it—low turquoise lights, pink walls, fluorescent halos around columns—the bar hasn’t been renovated since. But don’t be fooled; this is perhaps »

Karaoke Bars

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