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Gay Bars

Recommended Gay Bars

  • Berlin
    Music venue
    Berlin Lakeview
    Off the Boystown path you’ll find Berlin, the longtime pancultural late-night institution frequented by queer folks, straight singles and couples, fetish fiends, drag queens, and everyone in between. Celebrated for its eclectic mix of alternative electronic music and video as »
  • Big Chicks
    Gay Bar
    Big Chicks Uptown
    Around since 1986, this welcoming gay bar regularly plays host to dance parties and other special events, but it remains a cozy neighborhood place first and foremost—there's even a free buffet on Sunday evenings. Owner Michelle Fire has extended her »
  • Jackhammer
    Music venue
    Jackhammer Rogers Park/West Rogers Park
    Some assholes are trying to rebrand the corner of Devon and Ashland "RogersEdge," but bars like the Jackhammer should help keep gentrification at bay. Unlike neighbor Touche, though, the 'Hammer's no seedy dive. As a local alternative to the Boystown »
  • Jeffery Pub
    Gay Bar
    Jeffery Pub South Shore
    A venerable old south-side institution, the Jeffery Pub is a gay bar just off the tail end of Lake Shore Drive. We stumbled into the middle of what might’ve been a birthday party, on a Sunday afternoon, when the place »
  • Second Story Bar
    Gay Bar
    Second Story Bar Gold Coast/Mag Mile/Streeterville
    Second Story's reputation preceded it. I'd heard for years about a North Michigan Avenue bar, perhaps mythic, that was proximate to but untouched by the Mag Mile's hypercapitalist excess, its Burberried masses, its clog of traffic and light and iParaphernalia. »

Gay Bars

    • Progress Bar
      3359 N. Halsted St.
      Chicago, IL, 60657
    • Roscoe's
      3356 N. Halsted
      Chicago, IL, 60657
    • Scarlet
      3320 N. Halsted St.
      Chicago, IL, 60657
    • Scot's Bar
      1829 W. Montrose
      Chicago, IL, 60613
    • Sidecar Bar
      6920 N. Glenwood Ave.
      Chicago, IL,
    • Sidetrack
      3349 N. Halsted St.
      Chicago, IL, 60657
    • SoFo Tap
      4923 N. Clark
      Chicago, IL,
    • The Call Bar
      1547 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.
      Chicago, Illinois, 60660

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