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Mike Sula

Mike Sula

I'm the Reader's lead restaurant critic and have been a contributor here since 1995. I've also written about politics, crime, film, health care, and paleontology, and have profiled a rainbow of urban eccentrics. My work has been published in in Harper's, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, NPR's The Salt,... more
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    • My Muff Has Tusks!

      If you've heard that one before, you've been burned by Kathy McGinty.
    • Playing Fireman
    • Playing Fireman

      What prompted Illinois to pass a law against impersonating emergency personnel? Meet the men of the Lost Creek Fire Company.
    • Drunk With Knowledge

      What you can learn during Whiskey Week is limited only by how much you can drink before you stop caring.
    • Hombres in Tights

      The faithful gather at the Congress Theater to watch their masked heroes do battle.