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  • Thar She Blows

    The white whale lurking behind the mayor's new tax increases
  • Clobbered by Clout?

    Defeated aldermanic candidate Jay Stone puts a new twist on the Shakman decree.
  • Warts and All

    The late Bill Wirtz as we knew him: the influence peddler who drove away the peanut vendors.
  • Fair Warning?

    The city has reserved the right to wipe out this block for a developer to be named later.
  • A Not-So-Level Playing Field

    While the Park District signs off on a deal to give Latin School a soccer field on public land, Lincoln Park High players contend with potholes, dogs, and a manhole cover camouflaged by carpet.
  • The Storm to Come

    As Chicagoans face tax hikes that will force people from their homes, Daley deflects blame onto state leaders.
  • A Sucker's System

    Only in Chicago could an $8 million affordable-housing subsidy in Edgewater cost taxpayers $75 million.
  • Now That's Hardball

    There's at least one guy in town who's willing to defy the mayor. Too bad it's over Little League baseball.
  • The Millions for the Merger

    Why is the city offering $40 million in public money to subsidize the Merc's merger with the Chicago Board of Trade?
  • Soccer for Some

    Did alderman Vi Daley know about the sweet deal the Park District gave Latin School on public land?
  • They Say Nay

    Naturalists and neighbors of a Lake County forest preserve are up in arms about Chicago's plans for an Olympic equestrian center.
  • TIF for Tat

    Why the governor is suddenly so interested in the mayor's pet financing scheme
  • A Study in Contrasts

    A Wilmette middle school spends more than $14,000 per kid; Chicago gets ready to dole out $65 million to developers.
  • Lesson Learned

    Aldermen in other wards are paying close attention to the sort of zoning complaints that lost Ted Matlak the 32nd Ward--including would-be congressman Manny Flores.